Wild boar broke into the office of a transport company

Bro, nature is coming, be afraid! Soon even the house will not work without stumbling upon a wild creature that wants to eat you along with your consona.

In the office of one of the many transport companies broke young boar. «An ordinary day in an ordinary Chinese town,» say you, my friend. But it happened in the city district of Shantou, Guangdong province. Like an animal hit on the street and the building is unknown.

Once in the room transport company, the boar started to panic. The animal ran through all the rooms, and frightened the staff, climbed on the chair, ran across the table. A brave employee tried to get rid of the animal using a chair, but it didn’t help, and the boar continued to run around the room.

Finally tusked wild pig found out, pre-crashing into the glass door with a running start. According to news sources from China, the animal managed to make mischief in the Parking lot and damaging a sewer pipe near the office building.

All ended well, and wild boar caught. On victims from the fangs of the animal is unknown. Sure, that wild boar does not expect anything good. Maybe even shot. Sadly, friend

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