Wife tried to order the husband… through Facebook

Today nobody will be surprised by the fact that loved ones are cynically bought each other almost a bottle of vodka with the most ridiculous reasons in the spirit of «not prepared cupcake», «bought a fur coat the wrong color».

But life goes on, and hiring a Hitman to social networking.

28-year-old woman from Volgograd region city of Frolovo Love Dmitrienko ordered the murder of her husband through a social network.

Despite the fact that spouses have not lived together, had a very unfriendly attitude and was on the point of the divorce process, Love decided to order husband. She chose the role of a penalty by a friend in a social network. «Friend» was not just not a reliable person, he was a man at all, but «fake» a close friend of her former husband. And so we communicate online and order ex loved ones, friends. No faith, no. There remains the question: why make these fakes? To follow ex-wife for friends?

He immediately said it’s not only men, but where it should. The role of the hit man took upon himself to execute a police officer. He several times met with the woman and each time she insisted on the physical destruction of the husband for 100 thousand rubles. After the agreement she offered the operative money and the keys to the apartment.

After reports of the implementation of the plan by strangling a former lover, the woman was detained. She is silent and not give testimony, however, and so everything is clear.

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