Wicker hammock

It is difficult to imagine a better summer vacation than an afternoon NAP in the fresh air. You can, of course, and lie on the grass, but in a hammock are still better. And slope of hammock made of strong peasant hands, in General, is undeniable.

The instructions are simple, maroki not a lot of thrill and pride guaranteed.

You will need:

1 synthetic polypropylene rope with a length of 7.5 m;

19 synthetic laces with a length of 3 m;

the tent stakes 4 PCs;


In the weaving of Wallpaper we will use 3 nodes.

Node No. 1

Node number 2

Node No. 3

Frame for a network

Measure 90 cm from the edge of the rope and make a loop as shown in photo. This will be our first corner. Make 2 loops at a distance of 40 cm from each other and from the first loop. The third loop on the rope will be the second corner. Measure 190 cm from the outermost loop and tie another one, this will be the third corner. Repeat the trick two loops at a distance of 40 cm from each other. Together you get 6 hinges and the square frame for the hammock. Secure the corners with stakes for tents for the convenience of weaving a network. Tie the «tails» of the frame together.


Put the laces to one of the long sides of the «frame» as shown in the photo and start to weave the mesh. Use the known nodes.

Your hammock is ready! Can string it up between trees in the country and enjoy the summer day. And don’t forget to make a trap for mosquitoes, your snoring definitely does not scare them.

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