Why you still haven’t found the one

Poradi.s.ua_17.07.2015_4qy0F19TJMCTAAnd then the editors received letters from anguished nature: «I can’t meet with the same girl…» or «can’t choose between two…» or, our favorite, «How do you know it’s the same?» And like we write, suggest, wiping his fingers in the blood on the keyboard, and the questions all come and go. But we have no right to refuse so let’s try to explain on simple examples why you still haven’t found love (or will never find it, if not change their views).

1. You’re too often compared

Nowadays everyone, from infants to seniors, has a profile on Vkontakte and on Facebook and Twiiter, and Instargram. I think we forgot Viber and WhatsApp? But figushki. Just from them not so much damage, except for anonymous calls, which can really ruin your life. But from Outeniqua TVI and Instiki a lot of problems, they get sucked into the crazy abyss of idiocy, making it difficult to think clearly. Explain with an example. Here, it would seem that you got a great girl. And all you in it. Prepares so that Gordon Ramsay envy cuts his fingers moreover she has a great taste. Moreover, it is also working in good faith and in a good location… But wait a minute. What is it? Your school friend has a new girlfriend? Younger than him by 5 years? With 3-m in size and a great cook? Holy Julio, Yes, it is a miracle! Talking about this pictures of her in Instagram and Twitter posts. And now you start to compare. Of course, in the inst they are all excellent. Even your dull life looks through the lens of their as the everyday life of Sergei Yesenin. Tai and they both use these beautiful Emoji and celebrate each other on each photo. So they have, after all, true love right to the grave and beyond! He writes to her every morning, all sorts of nasty to others suski-puski which she swears eternal love and mentally kissing in places that even in porn, they don’t kiss, she says that he is her most dear and beloved man. After such posts begin to torment vague doubts about the fact that in comparison with his girl your not so good, and the relationship you are not as strong and you love each other so much, and she makes you a potato and it only takes from you and gives a little something in return. This comparison begins slowly destroy your marriage almost.

Conclusion: Stop comparing your relationship with the relationships of other people. Everybody’s different. It’s no wonder you chose this girl. Not she invited you to the cafe? Or is it? And even if it is, you always have the choice not to go with her anywhere, I would sit at home, learned a new collection of videos with Riley Steele. But no, you’re flooded, so it is your choice. There is no way back, before I had to think.

And stop compare her with every girl around. After all, she’s your «Queen» which means one of a kind. In any case, try to treat her that way. You’ll always find someone younger/prettier/nicer/smarter. What happens when she’s 40-50? You’re not going to compare it with the 20-year-old? Or will be? Well, a fool, and because marriages and destroyed. Comparison – a disgusting thing in General, in relationships, and everywhere. You’re not comparing your cuticles and strangers? Or compare? And in the end, you don’t know what’s going on with this couple outside of Twitter? In real life it is covered with a secret, she’s insanely drunk, dancing naked on the bar on Fridays, leaving at dawn on a clear Priore planted with boys, and he sits nights, crying, and distorting in photoshop photos of them together. So stop comparing your relationship through the lens of social networks.

2. You have forgotten how to win

Exactly. You order a takeaway, order a drink after 23:00 (if you didn’t know, that is the shipping service of alcohol after midnight: they give you a bottle for buying a keychain or something else – all legally) and win the girl? So easy! Here to you a variety of ways. You can throw a song to her. or even write. While there, to write – it’s so dangerous, suddenly it will show your profile to friends and will continue to taunt: «this filthy worm wanted me to roll». But we are sure that you’re not, you’re more confident and can go to the website sex Dating. You can go to the club after 3:00. At this time there were not very beautiful, but so drunk and easy girls. And all this in one evening. Nothing that she’d fall asleep upon arrival to your home. Do the dirty deed, go to sleep in the bath (after all, on the bed it collapsed). Of course, why spend a whole month that would make a very nice and sweet girl, when you can find a little less beautiful and a sweet for the night? For you to meet, but both know where it leads. But is it the conquest? Is the classical scheme of «cafe-movie-bed» – the conquest? No, it was said the master of the «Big Stan», clutching the de-virginator, weakness.

Conclusion: Everything in this life is not so simple, man. How good cars have to earn years and above a good relationship takes more than one week, but three. And one day you’ll get a high casual sex and memorable, but this unexpected candidiasis.

3. You stop trying in the relationship

Even if you have all started to turn, and you’ve been Dating for more than a month, it does not mean that you can complete with courtship, compliments and flowers. Many people think that you can win the girl and not to worry that she’s already tamed and reflex will be to indulge his own unique (i.e. you). But it arhiglupo. Even with the location of your lady, you should try in your relationship. To pay attention and listen to all her chatter about her friends, activities at school/work and another 100 unnecessary facts that she wants to share with you. And don’t forget to not do what is not necessary.

Conclusion: don’t forget that you have the relationship, not «sneeze-the-Pooh – and goodbye.» She’s a girl, and she needs more attention and support than all your friends combined. Pay more time with her and appreciate your relationship, they might not be and you’ll you sit alone and think about how shitty life and be alone in this world. But there will be time to go out with friends to bars and generally hanging out where we want to be.

4. Your requirements are too high

Okay exaggerated, but still not you. All of the covers of fashion magazines, filters, photo, photoshop, of course. After all, you’ve seen all those before and after? Beauty on the screen in life worse than a tapeworm. Acne, different size Breasts, without eyebrows (and there is nothing worse than women with no eyebrows, only a woman without a nose), and the like. You expect her «miss June» from «maxima», but did not find.

Conclusion: no One asks to understate their requirements, we just need to correlate them with reality. What is shown to us in movies and in magazines, very often different from reality. Girls don’t go made up. And this is a big plus, otherwise this morning you will see a monster with black spots on the face. And sex rarely reaches two hours, and if reaches, it does not bring much pleasure. Anyway, life is very different from these beautiful glossy pictures.

5. Double standards

Do you like girl and you want her as quickly as possible. Ideally, you would have met without foreplay like a movie and cafés and led at once into the bed of love. You already talked to this overlap. And she’ll already like. You want to take your relationship to the horizontal position and about a miracle! You’re lucky you’re the chosen one. On the first date, you got what you wanted. Congratulations from the entire editorial staff and are proud of you! But what is this strange feeling somewhere inside, in the subcortex of your brain? You think: «what is it? And why are you all so easily won? Why is it all happened your first date? And how many she had these «first dates»?»

Conclusion: Stop filling your head with unnecessary thoughts. What’s important is the here and now. On her or your past relationship is not built. If you’re happy with it, why mess with some sort of moral cliches and definitions? Concentrate on the good.

6. You don’t owe anyone anything

A very popular phrase of the current masters of success, business coaches and other people that teach you to live but do not live by their rules. «I don’t owe anyone anything» is a great phrase, just like from my childhood. And she gives something to a child. We are not saying that by our logic, you should now everything. No. You need to properly understand this phrase. It incorporated the idea that you do what you do because you like it and you want it to do. For example, you went to the movies with her on nasty maudlin melodrama not because you must, but because you want to please her. And there is nothing nepujsag.

Conclusion: You don’t owe anyone anything, but if you’re on a bad upbringing and this phrase you’re trying to get rid of unwanted or uninteresting cases, we will soon stop going to work or school, to wash, to behave adequately with pensioners. You don’t owe them anything! Or go with the other hand. If you do not have to cook it too will not be, and sex can not wait. Maybe Gene man Bukin will like it, but as a normal person at least has not.

In the end

The relationship is complicated. Will find you a boyfriend, or girlfriend – still difficulty can not be avoided. If you have already started to chat with a girl in an adult way, so, please, try. Rightly said Okhlobystin: «love is not a pussy, and when delicious borscht». So give yourself, if you want a normal healthy relationship.

Our advice: read good books and love to you, too, could write a book, and after many thousands of years your love message in the «VC» were exhibited at the Museum as a specimen of the literature of the XXI century.

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