Why you should try to sleep naked

Really, why don’t you give yourself more freedom? You are experimenting with poses in sex, why not try to diversify their sleep. In addition to new sensations such porocanje in bed will give you a lot of pleasant, for example:

1. Freshness


After the night in the morning you feel fresh. Most likely it’s because you’re sleeping without pajamas and sweat. Vividly you’ll feel it in the armpit and groin areas. It is very nice to Wake up and feel the freshness throughout the body.

2. Wash


Now you’ll spend less time and money on Laundry. Or to the powder and maintenance of the washing machine. If before you had to wash 2 times a week, now you do it only once. Due to the fact that now you don’t wear pajamas, t-shirt or shorts to sleep, the quantity of your postituse decreased.

3. Bedtime routine


If you’re one of those people who in order to prepare for sleep wear clothes in which you go to bed, now you don’t have to do that. You don’t have to wear pajamas to set the mood for bedtime. Because now you’re sleeping without any clothes on.

4. Hugs


If you sleep with a friend, it will certainly support you and also will sleep completely naked. Soon you will find that you become increasingly cuddle while lying in bed. Your relationship will become stronger and you will be happier to look in the morning. When you are both without clothes, then embrace even more enjoyable. You should know that.

5. A good night’s sleep


Now you will sleep even better. You don’t need to be distracted by all sorts of crap during sleep. How is it annoying when you go back in the dream, then your Jersey is not returned with you and pulls your body. All forget about this problem.

6. Leather


You will have less acne. If you occasionally get pimples that soon this problem will be solved. Don’t know what will change with the whole body, but the shoulders, upper back and upper chest skin will certainly be cleaner. All because now your skin breathe freely. Now she does not sweat and does not create an environment for acne.

7. Feeling


Before, you were like down in the warm bed and how nice in there. In these fantasies, you immediately began to feel sleepy. Now everything is even cooler. You will feel the cool sheet with my whole body, it’s very cool. Because we have, for example, still sultry nights.

8. Happiness


All this together will make you a little happier. Now, Monday morning will be less severe. You’ll feel better my friend, you’ll be fresh and without acne. Of course we are not saying that you have to radically change. But I advise you to sleep in so at least a week while the sun is still warm.

Experiment and take off your underwear.