Why you should do fencing

There are often questions on «Why you need to examine the fencing in the XXI century?». To calculate clever, who are asking this question, and a good word to explain the value of this sport. So, you’re not going to carry a sword, this one does not argue, and dreams king Arthur and the Musketeers, you’re too old. But this is a sport — a real outlet for those who want to engage in unusual, interesting and physically developed sport, and for those who stupidly got tired of crossfit. We are talking about sport fencing, not a reenactment of the massacre, it also must be considered.

Support for other martial arts

In ancient times, the subtle comprehension of science called martial arts started with weapons. This was done though, because how many trained to wield weapons people can already protect themselves, and in some cases even to be called a warrior. Besides the General principles in hand-to-hand combat and swordplay totally the same, only in one case the hands are free and the other occupied.

People trained to fight with arms in hand, more serious about self-defence and counterattacks. After all, physically unpleasant, when you poke an iron rod. In our time, swords did not fight, even with arrows in the knees, do not shoot. But the benefits of fencing has not diminished. Fencing leads to the understanding of the basic principles of combat, learns to move correctly and gives a lot of absolutely necessary in hand-to-hand combat skills. With the help of fencing the basis for unarmed combat is given even more quickly than in the study of martial arts.

Power and health

If you think that fencing is a very elegant sport, based on the principle of «float like a butterfly», you are sadly mistaken. Pay no attention to leg warmers through breaks ruffle the bristly hair on his feet, and a light rapier. Instead, take up arms, put on a mask and stand in front of the opponent. Just try it, take the fight to 15 injections. Don’t choose an experienced fighter, you better get sharp, as a diarrhea, a young man, and try not to cry out in pain and surprise when you suddenly and with full force to pinch a blunt edge. The first time after a workout the body riddled with a pattern of small bruises, shasow and Krovopuskov. And when you break in two, the blade is strong enough weapons that it happens often when you with full force hitting the blade from the mask, and even so, you turns the head, the last remnants of grace evaporated, leaving only a bloody game. What were you saying about a girl’s sport?

And what about physical fitness. It is clear that in a tight suit and mask sweat instantly, but the reason is not only in clothing but also in physical exertion. Look at the physical form of professional fencers — handsome-men! All relief, strong like the warriors from «Conan the barbarian». It would seem, why? Because fencing involves almost all the muscles of the body. Fencing is not a static sport; toss the stereotypes, no one here is bowing in reverence. Fencing fight is very dynamic, very fast and tired. Athletes worn on the track as the players return to their box after a counter-attack. Five minutes of sparring at full speed with breaks to bring yourself to the feelings Deplete stronger than half-hour run jog or even a set of exercises in the gym. And in the hand hanging arms. The rapier, of course, not so heavy, but the sword is quite heavy weapons.Trust the old fencer: after three battles in a row with a break of 5-10 minutes so wiped out that race of three kilometers and next to no cost. But your ligaments, tendons and endurance, a miracle happens — they are covered by adamantium alloy and become invulnerable. And the pain threshold drops so low that we Gypsy tattoo needle to fill.

Source of adrenaline

For those who are not holding anything in his life is heavier than a mouse and never ran from the police, the fencing will be a real fount of adrenaline. Because I really want to stab the bastard, the guard repulsed him annoying point. When the delayed exchange of blows, feints are not a «front pair» does not end with the shot; when attempts to stab be mutually successful, and the clank of metal became too regular, you are overwhelmed by such emotions, the surge of adrenaline that will not find in any other martial art. Even paintball is in no comparison with the emotional stress. Rapid fight, block, attack, parry, counter-attack, reducing the gap distance… it’s Hard to find something similar, gives the same charge drive for a long time! This is also a miniature war, which disperse the bad blood.

Reaction and accuracy

But do not consider fencing a sport of dashing animals with increased blood lust. You can arrange a fight on the track, but only in a pinch. Fencing is a sport in which primarily you have to think, otherwise you’ll istykannyh with a score 15:0.

The most important qualities of a fencer are the sense of time and sense of distance. The correct calculation of speed and accuracy of actions performed precisely when it was needed — the key to success in any match. One fight is like an exam in logic: you just have to make logical decisions, but seconds.Plus it’s dexterity and coordination. Fencing isn’t waving a sword, here do not need a large amplitude to strike. Movement should be ground, the tip of the weapon must be moved accurately, sharply and clearly, and not as a drunken brute on the icy road. Nothing trains coordination, as the need for a second to repel the enemy attack and making a Batman, to stab the enemy in the open place. Acquired skills do not leave and in everyday life. Just take any long sharp object in hand, to stand in the rack, and with a devilish glance to say, «Come on, bitch,» as arrogance disappears from the faces of the muggers, because they smell a rat.

In the end, these skills are not in vain and help me out in life: beginning from speed of response in decision-making. One who foolishly on the speed run across the exposed blade (and through this all), nuclear war is not afraid.

Self-control and discipline

No words, but sometimes you want a simple swordsman after a failed attack which ended in a good shot in his direction, to swing and slash at the shoulder Ukolova his cattle. Some do, but for a disqualification or zvezdel from the coach. And coaches in fencing, and frankly you, a harsh personality and is very sharp for the most part. Even women. For example, coach the author of this article treated his clients like Mick from rocky, the good and age-matched hot cineastic. But nobody thought to take offense at it, because she said things fair. And all this disciplinarum makes to restrain his aggression and coming out.

Fencing is 15 (or whatever) mini-battles, most length seconds. The blood during this time, boil to a temperature of 1000 degrees and no time to cool off. Therefore, someone yelling after every round, someone pulls, but no one will ever to debate and hysteria, even if the mutual injection point counted not you.

Beautiful and unusual

Still, it’s very beautiful. And girls who do fencing, also incredibly cute, honestly.

But you are not getting girlfriends and sports, but still some. Let there is no need to jump as high as Jedi, or swing a sword like Aragorn, but fencing still gives you the opportunity to feel like a warrior. Ceremonialism inherent in combat fencing, sports will not go away, so every fight, and even exercise — dip into the world of ceremonial.

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