Why you should date a cat lady?

why you should date a cat lady

In the TV series «How I met your mother» once said that women are divided into two types: cat lady and tabachniy. While men for obvious reasons, the more I like dogs and tend to women sobachkina, cat lady seem to them a real nightmare. Perhaps because of those cats remind our unfortunate post-Soviet minds with Granny, who lives next door and every day stand in the yard some plastic bowls with food of unknown origin. Still Granny from all over the counties and coincide kotofey and enthusiastically eat the contents of the bowls. But the grannies, and young women — is another matter. Why? Now tell.

1. She’s not going to manipulate you

Researchers Pets — estimate, and such a profession exists! — found that cat owners are far more straight people than others, and, moreover, reliable. In General, it is reasonable, if the cat is hungry, he expects food around his plate. If he went to the toilet, he rakes and makes it clear that it did matter. No deception, fraud, mind games, and it goes well with the mentality of his landlady. So if you want to poizgolyatsya over someone, you better get to the stadium and walk their dogs. There you can tease the dogs and to throw them sticks running for a couple of dog lovers. If you want a friend, which will not do you any unpleasant surprises, whose actions can only be interpreted one way, date a girl who has a cat.

2. She doesn’t need emotional care

Don’t like to talk, to listen, to care about feelings? Then you found what you need! Well, she’s not really emotionless icicle, here’s the thing. She is very much emotionally attached to her cat, her days filled with the constant squeezing of a cat, cuddling a cat, stroking a cat and whispering with kitty. Trust me, she pays him a really long time. Therefore, all the same, the researchers characterize the kotovladeltsev as kind and modest. Just what you need! Even if it is by nature very emotional, she will not demand from you constant assurances of love and loyalty, you need to reassure you it will make her kitty.

3. She respects your desire to be alone with him

When was the last time you lived in the same apartment with a cat? It is a very independent furry shit. Because of this independence and because of the close emotional connection with the mistress kotofey are available for communication with people, only when it allows them them filled with sleeping in ridiculous positions and licking ass schedule. Or when the warm keyboard beckons them to him and they maliciously stepping on your recently visited the toilet with their paws, while the mistress need to finish the job. The lady and the cats respect their desire to be close to the mood, and then they will respect your wish to be alone.

4. She’s smart

Cat owners are smarter than other people. Of course, your IQ will skyrocket as soon as you bring home this ball of hair, although it would be nice. A 2010 study showed that owners of cats often have higher education and more work at higher paid jobs. Cats fit in better with this lifestyle than dogs that need walking every few hours.

5. She’s not obsessed with cleanliness and neatness

Here is no research is not necessary. Just visit a person who had a cat. You will see cat fur almost everywhere. Kotofeika the plate of food is sure to be surrounded by lumps of this food because cats love to get her on the floor. Well, the cat toilet is not the cleanest thing in the world. So she won’t yell at you if you happen to forget on the bed with a wet towel. Do check it out.

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