Why you never need to turn the tiger back?


If you, friend, will ever manage to meet a tiger, never turn your back on her! Just a dude in a small zoo in new York sat and did nothing. Of course, it is clear that he was not just so, perhaps it’s some insidious plan. At the same time, the guy looked big tiger, who apparently came to swim or just hang out. The guy and the tiger shared a wall of thick glass. When bro noticed the tiger, with interest looking at the guy, he turned away, and then came back for something else a few times — probably to check that the tiger he did not give up. But the tiger was real and a few sudden movements dude pissed off the big cat, which was dispersed and jumped on the offender. If not for the thick glass, we will not see more of this bold and probably delicious bro. And so, the man rescued, the tiger swam, and I advise you to watch the video until the end. All cats are cute.