Why you need to treat life with humor

Smile-it’s very annoying!

– Vasily Strelnikov –»the World is dull idiots and clowns. To hurt I want both». This brilliant in their idiotic phrase one of my friends, which takes the middle position, that is to say, neither myself nor the people. But personally, I’m on the side of clowns. Not because of the cheerful merry love girls (although it is definitely a big plus), but because of their love fate. Love them all. And they’re big Swingers than ever dissatisfied and gloomy fellow citizens. In fact, the only way to love life, «as your woman», or to sneer at her, or live like the young Buddha, knowing neither pity nor sorrow, no needs, no problems.

With the second as something hard, you have to act like Chandler from «Friends». By the way, all love and remember exactly hilarious characters. Adam Sandler continues to make its Comedy, not because that’s all he has, because he doesn’t want, knowing that on the next vomit will go. People want to laugh, and will always want. So all looked 2789 seasons of the series «Soldiers», because there was Shmatko. And those who has no idea what the show «the big Bang Theory», you still know that Sheldon is cool. We can say that the character is not trying to be funny, but hell, it was just a character, and it is prescribed so that all have fun. And the release of the film about «Deadpool» people are waiting with awe, not because he is cool fights, and all his care, namely-liner jokes that make it perhaps the most vivid character in the comics, alive only to Lenin in the heart of Zyuganov. If not a joke, it would not be that army of fans and such hype.

Laugh together and laugh the whole world. Cry and you cry alone.

– Ella Wheeler Wilcox –The irony of the hero, the more attracted to him, as well in life. In fact, humor became the hero and Savior of mankind, but more on that below. Siple one-liners, you will not be as cool as a boyar in the video «green-eyed taxi», but the adoration, which was the Urgant in the days when he looked out of each iron and all zadolbali not guaranteed.

Humor in any form, whether of irony or bad, retold the joke relieves the tension, reduces the temperature escalate the situation. Psychologists say that a humorous attitude to life is a tool of self-defense. As if this is something bad, however, the «shrinks» always talking like that makes you wonder you just got called crazy or made a compliment? But you love, if a question about your business you answer with a joking phrase and not detailed and not interesting to anyone a report on its Affairs.

They say that the jokers – are deeply unhappy people. Though serious and boring people all the polls happy. Not to be confused with those who treat life with humor and circus performers. If a person is joking 24 hours a day and 6 this does not mean that he tried on clown mask or tried to look cheerful, ironic attitude to the routine and the hardships he has survived everything, and some things to make jokes publicly is not necessary, differently will not understand.

The secret of life is is to to treat everything as easily as possible.

– Oscar Wilde –Someone will say: «Oh, those jokers, Oh this is high humor! So funny that I want to fill a muzzle!» So, ironic attitude to life is not to be confused with the clown jokes. In fact, an excess «of sutok» pesters stronger tediousness. It gets boring. For a moment, if you do not understand, is not to joke on every occasion, to tell jokes beards and quote «American pie», is obligaste. But a positive attitude to harsh realities, ironic look at the difficult things is we’re talking about. Between irony and petrosyanstvo large face. Ironic need to seriously look at things, but to relate to them easier, not to everyone, of course, but to many. Find not the most pleasant things good and fun, not to execute the daily plan quotations George Carlin – that’s it! And cynicism is confused not necessary, this is extreme, mutation of humor and their own systems, although everything is good in moderation, and moderate cynicism adds to the charm.

This view is not optimistic. No, there’s nothing wrong with what you’re looking for a nice and every disaster is seen as a solution to the problem of overpopulation of the planet. Just once look at life with humor, you have to be realistic (at least in order to know which joke you can fill a muzzle, and what not). But optimists are the words of the great, «fools who do not want to see the real thing». Problems need to be noticed, you need to greet them with a naked sword and a smile, but, again, be treated easier. Not like your neighbor, who, upon hearing a disturbing tone of voice of Ekaterina Andreeva, depressed, predicts all near the end, like the city’s crazy, goes to the store to stock up on toilet paper.

The person who goes through life laughing it is much easier. Although sometimes they have to face problems like the people who arrange the people’s courts of memes with Zhanna Friske. But the rest of the people were tired, exhausted people, recent events have raised as much joy as acting ability Nikolay Valuev in the movie «Stone head». To those who know how to keep our spirits high in troubled years, always drawn. Zoshchenko, by the way, had a lot of friends. And dull as the dialogue of the series «Yefrosinya», Franz Kafka quite a bit.

If you don’t learn to laugh at troubles, you just don’t laugh at old age.

– Edgar Howe In our life nothing’s perfect, the degree of beauty depends on the ability to work in photoshop, and the world in which going on is a disgrace, not to be without humor. Nature has created this world to cause you positive emotions. She even made male giraffe tasting the urine to females during the mating period, to determine if she is in heat. You’re just too serious. Keep it simple, be more fun, thanks to this survived the whole people (you’ve heard about the people of Odessa?). Humor gives you hope and confidence, and if you have, in addition, are able to laugh at yourself, then you can consider yourself invincible and invulnerable. As Harry was talking Simonovic, «it is better to laugh at yourself, than for themselves.»

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