Why you need to not give up when it all goes to hell?

Why you need to not give up when it all goes to hell?

manygoodtips.com_21.04.2014_dNSo049S14FF2Immediately contradict yourself: sometimes you need to give up. So, dude! We so often write about the need to never give up, and here began the article with an unexpected Council. When exactly do you fight a fish on the ice, but nothing happens, you need to stop and start doing something else. As Einstein said, insanity is doing the same thing and each time expecting a different result. In this case it is not necessary to give up. You need to understand what you’re doing wrong and can you do this? If the word «surrender» we understand the rejection of any attempt to make something banal or abdication of responsibility, in fact never to give up!

Sometimes we feel that nothing more can be done. And it does not matter how hard we try, the more effort we exert, the more we are entangled. We are disappointed, we killed literally don’t know what to do next. It seems that it is much easier to quit. We forget the obvious thing: if we can overcome the obstacle and continue to move despite the difficulties, we will be hardened in the crucible of combat and find success within yourself to create something worthwhile. Way to the top is not easy, but when you wanna give up, just remember these five simple things. And all will become if not easier, clearer.

1. There is someone tougher than you

Sometimes we believe we have done everything in our power. But have we really done everything? And whether the situation is as terrible as we think? Even if you seriously think that you’ve done everything you can, you are sorely mistaken. Most likely, there are people who feel worse than you do. And there are people who are worse than you, but they found the strength to go forward and climbed. Do not think that only you have goals, desires, ambitions and difficulties. Everyone has a dream, goal and motivation. Just not everyone uses them, but the one who enjoys from time to time experiencing difficulties. Your success very much depends on how far you’re willing to go to get what you want.

Success comes to people with unique knowledge and skills, and to people who stand out from the crowd, at least those that work hard.

2. No one is perfect

So trivial, mind you, but it is really worth the phrase. The biggest problem some entrepreneurs and too self-confident people — confidence in their own exceptionalism. They earnestly believe that they possess skills that are not found in 90 percent of the people. They believe that making mistakes is for someone else. Exceptional self-centeredness.

Usually, such people often experience a Grand fail. It seems that the explosion of their pride after such a defeat equivalent to the explosion of the atomic bomb. The difficulty is not just the difficulties and the belief that they… like everyone else, not exceptional perfect supermen.

Everyone has flaws. Everyone has skills, he possesses good; everyone has and skills, which he almost has. There is no universal people! Your only fails to confirm this. Take this knowledge and go forward.

3. Easy success does not cause joy

If you succeed quickly, he is not happy. Most often it is not success at all, but his first degree. Some friends stay on it and try to squeeze out a little more success juice. As a rule, they have nothing. The best success, the most pleasant and long — the one to which you go long. It’s pleasant, it makes you proud of yourself, because you know perfectly well: the best thing about it is that you don’t quit the case halfway.

The ultimate objective should always be a very special moment. If it wasn’t the hardest thing in your life, you won’t get out of it all the deep pleasure. When you know for the result was laid to the maximum, it makes you a special honor. Behind every successful person there is a long history of struggle, suffering, bad decisions and hardship. They walked the long way to get to where they are now. Why did they become big? Because at some point they did.

4. You prove to people that they were wrong

A minute of easy admiration. Parents, relatives, comrades said to you that you will not achieve anything, but you went ahead, did not give up and got what you wanted. Of course, the people who judged you, your achievements do not seem to stand, because they frankly do not understand. But certainly among those who said that you are wrong, there will be those who will understand that I was wrong.

Reaching the goal, you’ll realize that sometimes the truth is on the side of the one person who disagreed with the majority. Someone says you have no skills, skills and the appropriate mindset? Spend on their work much more time and you acquire these skills. Someone takes natural skills, and someone takes diligence. We think that the second option is more attractive and worthy.

5. Moscow was not built

This is a very important saying that it would be nice to remember when things are not so. Nobody can create an Empire in one day. Of course, it seems that everything is easy, but it is preceded by a long preparation. No business can from the first day to bring in several billion dollars a day. Not one successful idea went in the trash.

Many times you have to redo and edit projects in our lives, and sometimes they need to be completely reviewed and redone several times before the finished copy can be sold or to be published.

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