Why you need to attend self defense classes

Why you need to attend self defense classes

manygoodtips.com_18.12.2014_HrMsMTKfQ94nKThe knowledge and feeling that you can take care of myself financially, spiritually and physically, is truly priceless. However, for many dudes, the physical component of self-development is just exercise in the gym. One may shout about the fact that we live in a civilized society and all problems can be solved through dialogue, only how many will benefit from these reflections, when you have politely asked «to light» in a dark alley? A man should be able to protect themselves and their families, but also basic skills of self-defense, these classes can give you much more than you expect.

1. Confidence

One of the biggest advantages that gives you visit classes, self-defense, how do you feel after a workout. Even a couple of lessons gives a sense of security, especially if you’ve never done anything like this before. Even if you really will never use in practice turn Chuck Norris, lessons in self-defense will provide confidence.

2. Work on balance

Today, almost every advertised notes the important point – «the ability to work in multitasking», but let’s face it: few of us can boast the ability of Caesar to do several things at the same time. Some studies claim that our male brain and not confined to such practices because of the small number of neural connections between the left and right hemispheres. Self defense classes are designed to teach you how to focus on the goal while controlling your body, because without balance it is impossible to fight. Control is the key point of training for a successful defense.

3. Self-discipline

In order to be more secure, you have to train constantly. You need enduring motivation, which will find its application in practice. At least don’t skip classes, as a responsible approach will help you to learn this such an important feature.

4. Improvement of General physical training

The whole point of self defense classes is to prepare you for any situation that may cause harm. Without proper physical preparation you lie with the front teeth knocked out by the dumpster. Of course, you can hope for an adrenaline explosion, but it takes just a few seconds, a few punches or a few hundred meters of your shameful flight. You need to work on your own reflexes: when you are fighting, you have to be focused mentally and physically assembled. The self-defense classes will help you with that.

5. Awareness

If you’re not planning an attack, the attacker always has a plan of attack. Combat classes will help you to be aware of and to navigate when there is a similar situation. That’ll teach you to think about where you can be attacked and where can I hide if the forces become unequal. You’ll be able to always be aware of your surroundings and assess the situation on an automatic level.

6. The lessons of self-esteem

The practice of karate, like many other practices of martial arts, centered around trust and respect. It teaches rivals to respect each other and respect yourself, which is useful not only on the sports Mat, but in life.

7. The development of the warrior spirit

Self defense classes can prepare you for battle and teach survival, patience and wisdom. Such practices help to feel part of something bigger.

8. The development of fight reflexes

In battle, movement is power. You can’t just stand here and wait for you with my fists’ll break the face to Shine. You need to move. Fighting reflexes differ from normal, where you just react when something happens. You have to play a proactive, move quickly, skillfully and efficiently.

9. This will help you with goal setting

If you swim like shit in the hole, not knowing where to go and what to put in priority, this is a very noble goal, to draw her Royal attention. Discipline, physical training, confidence – all of which can upend your daily life, greatly improving its quality. Giving in full training, soon you realize that you can easily overcome any difficult situation that stands in your way.

10. A positive impact on your life

Each of us needs to have an outlet, a place that can make us more strong, confident and happy. That said, self defense classes can become such a place for you.

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