Why you need gamification

manygoodtips.com_30.06.2015_LZTWO0faBeL0xOur generation is changing the world. We grew up with the technology, absorbed it with mother’s milk and therefore, has mastered it better than any other generation.

We use technology to our advantage, to our advantage, to take in all that we do. Why create robots, if we actually already have?

However, one problem remained: we very difficult to sell the work. Any work, sooner or later fills the mouth, and the work turns into flour. The usual incentives do not apply. It should be something new. And how well matched the era and the problems that now, in the twenty-first century, at the height pairing of man and technology, bright minds thought of such things as gamification.

What is it? In fact, the implementation of games. The main objective of gamification is the involvement of the user, the incentives to perform the desired action or procedure using the game mechanics. In fact, every self-respecting company seeks to implement this tricky thing. «Should I?» you can ask. «Needs», we reply. And here’s why.

1. We used to play

You’re probably a gamer. Even if you don’t spend endless hours with a game, chances are you use gaming applications.

If you Wake us up in the night and awake to ask to go in any program on your smartphone, we’ll do it. There is nothing surprising in the fact that highly trained skills are applied in gaming application that is designed to work.

So poor, companies are forced to implement programs with similar game effects in the work process.

2. We love bright emotions

We, as a rule, «live one day», the present moment, because we all live, if you’re not a Zen Buddhist, only once. As said Jay-Z: «If I have already been shit, so I’m not going to do that!» Here a man lives one day.

Life is full of different emotions and impressions. Sometimes they are so strong that it is difficult to return to the usual schedule of life. But where to find them? For many the easiest way out is, ironically, a game. Yes, emotions of the game are often transferable.

Therefore the latest mobile technologies take the most exciting sensations that are accompanied by a powerful sound, graphics and features that make it easier to make the transition to a boring working routine.

Training programs that simulate the situation for nurses who are trying to satiate their complex emotional situations, it is likely that they soon realized that an easy life will not. But it increases the responsibility and suggests that for such strong emotions is not a sin to live from paycheck to paycheck.

3. Instant communication

Be it Instagram or conversations in real-time via a digital platform (Facebook, FaceTime, text messages, etc), our need to communicate long content with social networks so that there are problems with a real communication. But it’s not about that.

Companies have long realized that the rage on social networks you can use for your benefit. That came up with such apps, Nitro for Salesforce. With the help of this Supplement, the head of the sales Department can easily design the game using the traditional elements: goals, levels, points, badges for profiles, user ratings, catalog of awards. For example, you can make sure that the employees get points for completing transactions, adding or updating client profiles, Like from the client etc. you Can arrange a competition not only between employees, but also, for example, between the regional units.

4. We need transparency

Due to the fact that our hands are on the pulse of the Internet, we used to always be in the loop. Information became a necessity. No day without fresh news!

The Corporation took into account our need for knowledge in gamification of production and forced employees to fight for a place under the sun quite a specific way. They have created a player that allows employees to track their progress and use it as a guide for the next step in the direction of the goal. And very embarrassing when you have a bad performance, and everyone can see them.

5. Competitiveness

In the post-crisis world, in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, competition is the engine of Commerce. Want to be successful –Davie competitors. In each of us there is the instinct of a winner. Everyone wants to be a champion, but not at all impossible.

It is ideal for business: post your gaming applications work to increase competition, and at the same time to improve the overall work of the organization.

6. Contribution to the industry

Some companies contribute to the entire industry, using games. For example, Opower is a company that works with utility organizations in the form of games used Facebook to encourage users to share information about their energy consumption and participate in the competition for the title of the energy saving consumer.

7. Involvement in the work

One of the most common reasons why companies implement technology gamification is the insufficient level of motivation. Many of us need that extra «kicks».

According to the results of a survey conducted by Gallup (American Institute of Public Opinuon) in 2013, 70% of Americans do not feel engaged and are unable to determine what was their personal contribution to the achievement of the set goals of the enterprise.

This problem contributes greatly to gamification. Through the use of virtual badges and performance ratings American company LiveOps, specializing in the creation of virtual call centers, managed to reduce the calls by 15%, increase sales by an average of 8% and customer satisfaction by 9%.

In addition, dramatically changed the training time of new operators: if earlier the program was designed for 4 weeks, then start using the tools of gamification time teaching beginners was reduced to 14 hours.

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