Why you need a coach?

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This weekend I had a long and heated debate with a friend. The subject of the dispute was simple and banal: why you need a coach. A friend assured me that he knows what he needs to do: take a rod and crank, or sit down at the machines. «It’s simple, if you know roughly what to do. Not so much science — rock». In my opinion, each was categorically wrong. However, the results of his work were evident on his body any visible success in three months. Even harder than the biceps did not.

But I think so do many men! I was so worked carelessly, carrying a cargo with improper technique and rough back. How else with my back and joints are all more or less normal? When I became involved under the supervision of a good coach, the result was evident within a month. Not just the abs, but the muscle tone was obvious. So I’m strongly for the coach, man, and I even try to argue!

1. If you’re new

Not ashamed to be a beginner, man: once something started. Shame the build of a grated Kalatch. Drag iron is a bit more complicated than just raised and lowered. Of course you can ask for help from his beefy mate. But does this bro, as you really need to swing? To each bro to achieve certain goals we need an individual approach. No it does not. You should know your strengths and weaknesses, but tell them your friend is unlikely, but the coach is very even.

So I suggest beginners take a few sessions with a coach or, as in some gyms, try to create a workout program.

2. You spend too much time on the simulators

Do you prefer the trainer for leg press is the good old deadlift? You are persistent Smith instead of do the push and pull? Or you never had cravings? When it comes to lifting, the best of the old school yet no one came up. Lifts dumbbells, barbells, and work with their weight — here is the best base to build your body, good trainers to hone the results and finishing exercises. Here is a good example of a workout: at first I was doing 3 sets of bench press barbell 4 sets of dumbbell bench work with my weight (bars, pull-UPS), and then work on simulators. Fitness equipment job I never start them I only do at the end. To work with dumbbells, its weight, or a barbell you will definitely need the help of a coach.

3. You focus on muscle gains

I understand that women adore beautiful chiseled body and large muscles. But you need to look at the overall tone of the body, and it will be like these dudes. The coach will help you to make your body evenly swapped, and most importantly — strong and not just big and bold. There’s nothing worse than a weak duck. The body should be not only beautiful, but also healthy, which is much prettier.

4. You may injure yourself or not achieve results

Actually this is not the main reason why you need to hire a coach. Properly placed technology will help you to do without injuries, fractures and possible consequences in the future. You need experienced eyes to make sure you’re doing everything correctly to maximize results and protect the joints from damage.

5. Boring time

Even if you’re a professional lifter, the trainer will allow you to add variety to your workout so that the favorite lifting not tired, as well as the results continued to impress. Constant lifting, repetitive exercises at a specific time will force you to come into the hall and quietly hate this monotonous work. New technology, change of activity, and the result is you definitely will.

How to find a good coach

The question of why you need a coach, we said, now we will try to find a suitable trainer for you.

If you come in new-fangled, frankly commercial gym, know what to take coach it is not worth it. As well to come to the frankly commercial space. Rocking the basement with a small shop of sports nutrition, harsh men — our choice. Commercial rocking chair is good for those who do well understand what he needs. Coach they have a separate topic for conversation. Once this person was the bartender who decided that if he was swinging, he could become a coach. Dude, maybe passed some 15-hour course, answered correctly the question on the exam, which usually give correct answers, and an orangutan with a hangover. Now this guy is the coach. These people will always be burdening you with useless exercises, suggesting to you the idea that without them you will not live, while he’s a good coach should teach you how to work and look at your technique. Such a coach is part of a system of making money, so they have to convince you that you can’t do anything. When you don’t pay for lessons, coach’s pretend you don’t exist. And it sucks!

Instead, you can go to a specialized sports complex, the gym at the stadium or University where there are people with a specialized education. There are often gyms trainer pay attention to all workers and spetsializiruyutsya on the preparation of the training. These people, of course, you can pay, but most often with funding them better, and they are experts. People with a specialized education compares favorably with man upstart without them.

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