Why you left a loving girlfriend

Why you left a loving girlfriend


Good evening, dear editors. My name is Eugene, I am 29 years old, work as a lawyer in the capital. Subscribed to your group a little over a month (a friend told about your existence). Since then, daily visit your website. Decided to post my question regarding his relationship with the girl and to ask for your advice. But get ready, the story will be slightly tightened, because for full, objective and comprehensive approach to this situation, it is need to know.

Start. A little over two years ago I was looking for a helper to work. Responded the girl twenty years (when I was 27, respectively). We met her and we started. Even at the first meeting gave me a blow job in the bushes. I by that time was living with another girl but wanted to change it, and then this pretty and young (7 years younger than my ex-girlfriend).

In the end, my ex and I were evicted during the week as I met with this young. Anyway, first, met, walked, everything was interesting and good. She then worked and a week and a half I moved to her (when I lived at my parents).

Overall the relationship was good. Sometimes we fought like regular people. Initiative on the part of the sex out and goes in 95% of cases only from me, not without a struggle have won a permanent zone of anal sex, when I want (she had previously objected to the anal). She has a passion for me, it never clung to my husband notices.A year and a half of our relationship, when quarrels began to think to disperse, but no one thought — feeling and so on. Year ago moved, began to rent an apartment. She took a job, went through a few months and sat at home a total of two years year sat without work, was knitting me scarves, learned to play the ukulele, tried to learn Icelandic. About 5 months ago she went to work and quickly grew to 70 thousand salary + bonuses.

And that’s just in the beginning of December of this year, we once again spoke on the theme of separation (it seemed to me that she started this dialogue) and decided that we needed to leave in mid-December. Then time passed and I realized that he will not be able to kick her out, but she was serious: began to engage in the search of the apartment, quickly found it and a few days to move. She told me that the reason that she is unsure about me in the future, I’ll be a good father, and also said that she loves me, but we need to live separately. My personal opinion is that she would not have gone if she hadn’t had such support in the kind of work that she could afford to move and rent and maybe the presence of someone who supports it, and it’s not her mother.

I understand that this is also for the better, will be more time for sports and World of Warcraft, the other girls with the opportunity to find a more interesting girl who also would be interested in me. Tell me your advice.

The answer

So, Eugene, you’re just handsome. Just a great big well done! Here’s a tip: do not propagate the near future, but you’re not going.

I would like to know what kind of advice do you need? Try to return it or not? You honored that he decided to leave? Of course, right, because you don’t like her. It’s no accident we wrote that you don’t reproduce any time soon, because at the time when she was shamelessly giving you a Blowjob in the bushes, and then you shamefully drove my then-girlfriend, she was much more focused and Mature than you. It is not in mother not in work, and that you the last paragraph of his letter proved all his infantilism. It’s not the fact that you’re 29 years old play with toys and do not dream about the family — this is quite normal, in fact, how you think and see the world. Well, not like a man ready to family, anyway. The girls present differently.

Of course, if you’re after two years of his life not in principle against the gap, because you can find more interesting girl» all day and surrender to hedonism, what kind of life together can be a speech? You don’t talk about it as the one you’re expecting to meet a woman a little better. In the end, you don’t want her back, and looking for confirmation of his innocence that you’re not thrown out of the house. Although what is really there, great position and even somewhat correct: life is funny carnival, so have nothing to deny yourself.The girl wanted development, she gave the man from you, of course, no. So let him go to meet the ambitions, if she loves you like that, what else will come back to you. In this case, it is a pity, because you, in General, to spit. Although she will not return: from purposeful ladies, sucking on the first interview, these gestures should not wait, especially since she got a taste of a career, and she’s only 22 years old. Normal person this fact should guard, and it’s not that we are old fashioned, we just have not heard that someone in authority told us, if that is okay. Although if you have whole life long and you in such detail not worried, all is clear. Maybe she’ll even come back if don’t find anything. In General, does it make sense to restore the relationship with man that the sex was so-so and everyday life conflict start the car? Ask yourself this question.

But you live, walk, don’t fall for sebold and don’t rush to lead them into the house. You do not make much sense to have a strong relationship, tired of the abuse.

In General, all you’re doing is right. Keep having fun and wait for the moment when the love of your life, girl you won’t give up on WoW and sports. Unless, of course, with your attitude toward girls that were even possible. Take care of yourself, Eugene.

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