Why you can’t raise the money?

manygoodtips.com_5.06.2014_cHI9O8u5zv5woTo understand if you really don’t know how to collect, answer a few simple questions:

  • Have you ever suffered from guilt for the crimes (not the most practical)?
  • Did you have to go into debt?
  • You think that your purse, like a black hole sucking all your savings?

If at least a few questions you answered in the affirmative, you just do not know how to handle finances. However, you are not alone. Each of us seeks, if not to wealth, at least financial independence, and thus a lot of people recognize that is not able to collect and/or manage their money. Try to figure out what exactly is wrong with us?

1. You are a victim of their lifestyle

Most of us think that the increase in income automatically implies an increase in costs. This is true, but only partially. Sometimes together with an additional income, there are additional responsibilities for the loved ones, for example. In General, however, received more, you spend more — not because you have to, but just because you can. There is no problem if you do not aim to save some money, but if you are still interested in saving money, try to think about whether you need Polo for five thousand, if earlier you were quite happy with Polo for two thousand.

2. Do you think that money (or rather their waste) make you cooler

Mass culture actively enforces the idea that money is the force that allows you to control the attitude of the people towards your persona and also your entire social life. So in reality every time you put some rags status or otherwise demonstrate their level of income, the attitude of most of the others you change. But here’s the question, what are other similar superficial contacts generally have value for you? Must be eager waiters and greedy for money girls make your life a little nicer, however, if you’re interested in this «respect» provided you and your money? Or do you prefer to be appreciated first and foremost as a person?

3. Are you waiting for

Why not start collecting now? It is not necessary to wait for the fluttering of a global cataclysm that requires immediate financial participation, which encourages you to create your own «reserve Fund». The problem is that by the time of this cataclysm a financial cushion you have and you will not have difficulty. Begin to collect right now. Let’s first contribution to the Treasury will be small, however it will, and this is important.

4. You don’t think the accumulation of money something important

No, we are not trying to prove that capital accumulation should be the goal and meaning of your life. No one wants to turn into one yourself Gobsek. However, in order to learn how to save money, you should perceive the process of accumulation as a kind of work the execution of which must be approached with great responsibility.

Start collecting the money does not mean to stop living life to the fullest and become the unfortunate and disadvantaged. To raise money means investing in your future. This is a good and important job.

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