Why you can not listen

To distort the language, do not have to be as dumb as a smile model with pumped lips. A lot of smart spoil it with no less enthusiasm. It is not about the topic of conversation, namely about the manner and habits. All of the following well, make the speech livelier and more interesting (well, except for speech errors), but only if you eat it in moderation. Only then it turns out original, rich and interesting speech.



Who is the impersonator? The impersonator is the man who achieves success at the expense of quality of imitating others. The key word is «quality». Everything else is clowning, often unfunny. Have friends who like in the middle of a conversation suddenly slide into the strange onomatopoeia, a very stupid but they are desperate. It’s one thing if they would have followed Larvelle Jones from «Police Academy», which could mimic the shots, but to parody Dzhamshuta «Our Rashi» or junkie Pavlik… In 2016… Seriously? But, thank God, such people less and less. It is now fashionable to mimic a Caucasian accent and patascoy it. New era, new heroes. Oh, immortal technique – tell the alleged thieves ‘ slang. However, if 50 years ago this was done by punks, but now the students who had read the Internet stories about prison, imbued with the romance of thieves, and now believe that at home they have nothing to fear. Can’t not talk like a child of the mountains, at least do it less often.

People one word

There are people with rich cultural diversity speech, there are people with a vocabulary of Ellochka Lyudoedochki, and there are people of one word. Their linguistic stock can reach incredible values, it can churn out neologisms during each sounding, but not necessarily almost every sentence to insert a word or phrase, and not always match the meaning.

A word with a specific meaning, which loses its original meaning and becomes more abstract. For example, President Medvedev is very fond of saying the word «innovation». In the end, all stopped believing in innovation.

When I worked in the political sphere, my boss called all the good, all who disagree with him, and everyone who loves Western culture, «liberals». Even being late to work – «liberalism». But he succeeded: liberals of all stripes in the team was a terrible Allergy.

I feel like this word has money to pay for their advertising. They carefully put it everywhere. A friend of mine came up with incredible gibberish that sounded like the Hungarian curse. Put it everywhere, in the end nobody could understand what the word means.


The Mat is the culmination of the vastness and uniqueness of the Russian language. Way to Express complex thought short word Yes, and so that everyone understands. When I worked in construction, our superintendent could two well-known obscene words and a couple of gestures to explain what needs to be done with the drywall and how much to mix the solution. But it is unattainable to the top, it is a kind of professional language.


Otherwise, the use of the Mat is good and appropriate in certain quantities. Not when you’re using the word insert name of female dog and the nickname of the unfortunate woman, and when it is appropriate, when it emphasizes the main idea and spiritual experiences. Just like in the songs of the group «XS».We would all be forgiven if your Mat was pretentious and rich, but as you’re using 5 boring words and use them constantly, anyone can. And you try, as at least, and not as Dibrov in the periscope.

Diminutive suffixes

People who speak words with diminutive suffixes, by definition deserve additional circle in hell. Why say «doll», «cafe», why mince words? Are you hoping in this way to make the world a kinder and gentler?



If we honor people with a rich vocabulary, but praise fanfare will not appeal to those who constantly uses in his speech and professional terminology. Whether deliberately or by habit, made no difference. Communication is important when you know not when the interviewee thinks about the fact that so word to which it refers.

A very strange speech

But even worse is the citizens that are fueling his speech unnatural for them a large number of elaborate words, unfamiliar archaisms and other linguistic tinsel. If you add the word «bum» word «courtly,» he better not be. At first it might like, but eventually get bored and want to fill the younger guy’s face. You can see that’s bitchin’, bitch.

The more peruse the dictionary Ozhegova and mannered speech ugly nature not to hide. By the way, all of the claims relate to including those who uses in his speech are too much quotes and sayings, constantly indulges in the distant tales and teachings, not related to the topic of conversation: for example, in talking about bilashi slipping into discussion of the culture of ancient Babylon. However, it is very annoying.

Just ignorance

Nothing is more jarring, as a wrong accent, declensions, numerals and other manifestations of illiterate speech. Someone will say that it managed to bother quibbling, because the meaning is clear. We don’t think the native language need to know. Need to know the difference between «dress» and «to wear», you need to remember that the right to say «quarter», not «quarter». And on the other hand, it is a sin not to mention this defect to that list.

Slang and borrowing

Slang and borrowing for the Russian language – the same problem, as fools and roads for the country. The main problem is that slang or foreign words not eradicated. With them except that you can accept. However, try not to stick the word «share», «slices» and other heresy in every sentence. Otherwise it looks somehow pathetic.

But I must admit that without foreign words and slang language, like Russia without fools and roads, would not be so unusual.

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