Why you are poor, if you are so smart?

manygoodtips.com_9.03.2016_exHLnOUgOkvWiSo, you’re young. Young for man and too old for a girl who is the highest goal of his life puts a family to 25 years (and the old maid will call). You have big, literally an encyclopedic knowledge, so that you can always challenge any opinion. To challenge it, more often you do it, so it is much easier to be the smartest person in the room, and you do not have to. The extent of your wonderful scares himself Kanye West and his bloated, like a package of sour milk, ego. The best candidate for President, than you can not imagine, but you’re too smart and well read, to get involved in this slippery and sticky as pants 12-year-old boy the morning after a strange dream, the thing called politics. You better be «Gray cardinal» – there is more power, but while that is the case to get behind the scenes, are not presented.

It doesn’t matter if you have a girlfriend, wife… most likely is, and you have a sincere love, because you two are smart, you have something to talk about, and you have no time to suffer stray humdrum sex your friends. It’s not about that, although mention still stands. It’s about the fact that due to its extreme erudition you know which way to go mother Russia, where to go, who to vote for and what to do. I know that acoustic guitar part in the song Innuendo of the band Queen recorded the great guitarist Steve Howe of Yes, and academician Fomenko is a crook and a fool, you know how to restore order in the country… But have no idea how to bring order to his life, because the brain is separate and performs a single function – the absorption of information. Sometimes it turns on during debates, but when it comes to your life, he begins to engage in the exposure of the public to complain about the fact that everyone around are dumb.But your buddy, conditionally Pantaleon, despite the two classes in the hallway of the parish and Holy faith that «amerikashki-poop brings them, and Russia will return to dominate the world, because they are sanctions not in the us beat, and myself,» already bought a car, an apartment in a new house and every evening droops in the companies that make you uncomfortable, but which still pulls. Because the money is not considered. Rather believes in the morning, but it will work. And he knows that in two years you will earn more. He has no idea what postmodernism is, but knows how to turn the left circuit to earn extra money. Knows how to fight, while you jump on the enemy head forward, trying to scare him for his bravery (but in the end courage is not enough, and you zvezdoleta standard). And while you think he’s a redneck, he treats you with respect, because he was jealous of your erudition and wisdom during a chance meeting genuinely surprised why you could not see on television, your books are not sold in bookstores (hint: you didn’t write). You say that everything is good, but it’s not, and when you were once again expelled from the rented apartment (of course, if you don’t live with mom), you will be asked to carry things for my other friend (conditionally of Gerolamo). Of Gerolamo, unlike Panteleimon, from a poor family, you couldn’t blame him, what benefit he got by fate. But of Gerolamo turns, earns money (the car has accumulated) and is very serious. He genuinely respects you, and you think he’s nice, but silly. However, the irony is that you’re an idiot.

manygoodtips.com_9.03.2016_qCk8RMMe6lcN7You’re not smart, you read, you know, smart people use their knowledge to your benefit, to achieve the goal, they are not mired in the panel monstrosity, counting every penny, hoping for a blessing from heaven. They believe only in themselves. And you blame all the troubles of a harsh world that is extremely hostile to the only ones with a sober Outlook on life like you. The world is bloody, and the people in it are pigs. Girlfriend dumped you because no good, in College you didn’t go, because the terms of some idiots and fools. Do not take a job because all purchased. Just all bastards and bastards looking for answers to questions not Sartre, not Google, not in their thoughts and in reality. They work through force, are not what you like, but only because I work for the future, for the future, for money. They know how much they need and when to start collecting. Are you afraid to go home from work, not finding anything worthy. True, and a part-time job the time is not. Any number of reasons you will find, but not going to work.

It turns out that you are a jealous, lazy asshole that finds excuses for everything. And you’re dumber than you think, because everywhere gathered knowledge is needed you in the first place in order to throw dust in the eyes to assert themselves in society, loud and clear, although your understanding of life is often a farce, because it is not based on your personal experience and memories of what they read and hear. Better than nothing, but not enough to consider himself a sage. Most of your knowledge fragments obtained from sources, which once again tells us about their uselessness. And you thought that the dollar sign is written with two lines, but really, that’s – $. Don’t blame yourself, it’s all for «ducktales», there drew two.This is not a call to abandon their identity and to mingle with the crowd, it is a call to banish his pseudovesicles and start to act. That’s all.

Nobody can forbid you a fate of the misunderstood genius, but if you want to understand why the fools all work, then try not to think high categories, spend time on the sea of useless Affairs, stop being lazy, to postpone all on then, don’t be afraid to take risks, and your day will come. After all, you yourself understand everything, but I consider myself smart enough time to recover. And gone are the days when you were considered to be promising, all, the time to act. If you’re really smart, you’ll find a worthy use of his mind and begin to rely on yourself. Otherwise, we have bad news for you. You can’t find a worthy use of his talents, you’re forced to be content with little, are jealous of more successful friends, I consider them dumber, and all the troubles you have to blame others? Dear sir, Yes you are a typical loser!

And, by the way, keep it simple, don’t look down on people, it’s pointless, as they already do with you. You have to learn from them. Your personality is cute them more than you because they judge by actions, not by courtesy of the conversation and vocabulary. And the language of workpieces and reflections on life as a benefit only in stand-up, directing, and literature. Oh yeah, you’re only going to write a book, there all the time, you have to read a bunch of intelligent articles to use this knowledge and appear smarter.

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