Why would your business need a website

By.kom.ua_21.09.2016_bxNY3kSrgjFfhFor the modern businessman, at least he knows it or not, now is the Golden age. If before to start the business needed huge capital, incredible experiences and family support, all necessary knowledge can be gleaned from the Internet to use the experience of others, and as a shop to start a website which will cost hundreds of thousands of times cheaper.

It is not surprising that millions of people will immediately open their business (any online store), hoping to make quick money quick and clean, because «a as you earn». However, people forget that any successful website is designed for length and breadth, each part is successfully verified and analyzed, and the design is so so strange that such a design increases sales of a particular product. Therefore, only a few manage to achieve good earnings. These people are the lucky fortune to them wasn’t smiling. These people just went to the Studio of web design, hoping to create a quality and popular website that is infinitely far from what you can get for free.

So, if you have a business and you need a website for business, online store, business card website (whatever), why it is necessary to apply to the Studio of web design, not Google, where you will be offered dozens of options for «free websites» (note the quotation marks)?

Website design

Top-Bit — is a service that saves two main resource of any business: time and money. Team of Top-Bit created a huge database of sites of different directions, where you can find something useful for a corporate website, online store, and even create their own media. The benefit of this resource is obvious: if you compare with individual design, the price is significantly lower. Besides, you don’t have to wait for the layout a few months — you can choose any design and just 30 minutes to become full owner of your own website. By the way, for readers manygoodtips.com there is a 30% discount — just enter promo code «manygoodtips.com».

Behind us was the experience of working with customers to design products. From this experience, we understand each business owner often are not understood in the design. He was forever convinced that there is d’artagnan in the world design of idiots who somehow learn for 5 years to attain the right combination of shapes and colors.

Meanwhile, visual images play a key role in the process of taking specific decisions. A bad combination can encourage a person with hatred to close the site and never drive in the address bar the name of your company. But if you do what’s right, then your site can fall in love and go to him even when you did not think to buy anything — just out of habit. In other words, colors not only affect mood, but also on the action.

Even greater power is possessed by the contrasts that can be used for the benefit of its website to install a particular visual value of a block. And educated web Studio to not just make a «pretty picture» — they think strategically. Create a sequence of colors according to certain rules which should allow for a certain page, where the user will want to do one right action — buy a product or service. That is, when a visitor comes to the website it does not decide where to click, for him to decide the owner of the website. Of course, about such things thinks the minority, but this minority makes.

The usability of the site


The design lab is not just a Studio that makes websites for everyone. It is also a Studio, which helps to solve business problems. They are ready to perform the current site, identify problems and give you solution. Specialists can personally for you to create a list of business problems, requirements for the website and key indicators for monitoring is especially important when you don’t understand how to make the site better, and what specifically it needs. Analytics is a strong party sites that are created in this design lab. For the entrepreneur this is especially important because the website needs to be not only beautiful but also the most useful. Considering the rich experience Design lab, which was «Aeroflot» and «Kia», the choice of this Studio will be the right decision.No, we agree — you can get used to anything. And if the site has lots of useful information, and then we ten times to click to get to any category. However, with online shops and websites of companies things are different. Modern homo sapiens becomes the Red Hulk when it comes on line at a grocery store. Bad «usability» of the website — this is your personally created virtual queue. If you often force the Internet, understand that the inconvenience of the site. But what is usability? What features exist only in the user-friendly website?

First, is the overall structure where the menu should be absolutely transparent and understandable. No need in the online store to create some funny and strange names of the categories, as in General, this reduces readability. «Usability» of the site can be checked very simply — put a feedback unit in a conspicuous place. If you begin to send messages like «how to order this item?», «where can I find this category?», «help! I have nothing works!», website your nightmare, uncomfortable and designed for perverts.

If the user does not have problems when retrieving information in their offspring a good future. Still, such issues need to be resolved in advance. Modern web studios are well-versed in such matters, using already tried and tested technologies that meet the expectations of customers. Most importantly, remember the rule — all the necessary information should be at arm’s length or a couple of clicks. If you manage to create a site where the operation can be performed with a few clicks, this user-friendly website, 100%. People don’t want to spend a lot of time on shopping.

The speed of loading pages

Made in Web — design Studio is a hybrid type. They do not provide a ready-made website layouts, but not make websites from scratch. The customer selects the desired layout of the site, and based on it Made in Web create something unique, comfortable and clickable. Websites do they fast thirty days maximum. This form of work allows to reduce the price of creating websites without compromising the technical components of the final product.

For the uninitiated — it depends not only on the quality of the Internet. Sometimes you see a wonderful website, that I want to use, but it’s slow. And inhibits shamelessly, as a player of the Russian team at the world Cup. If your website has a problem with the download speed, then it’s time to think about how to reduce the load. You may have to reduce the weight of the graphics, remove some plugins, or at least try to make the important elements of a site to load before extra. Speaking about the real sales, the site’s speed, according to research, an Amazon company, is affected by the line, every 100 MS extra echo loss of 1% of sales.

Typography and text content

Typography is what makes text beautiful and comfortable. What the font can carry a certain message or even the nature of the message — the mood. Letters may be subtle, bold, tough and even smart. And this, mind you, I’m not talking about the text, and just about letters.

That’s why a specific font will be perfect to go under the official site of the café, when this same font will make writhes in agony website which sells modern gadgets. And we would recommend to choose a separate font under the title, the subtitle and the text, though here it is necessary to look at individual projects, not to be trapped and, of course, to look at it should with professionals.


The lyrics are more complicated, because well-written headlines that sell is half the battle. It’s hard to believe, when sites like AliExpress are limited to the titles «sweet, cool, punkrock, neat». But it is better not to take an example from AliExpress — the same river does not enter twice. In this regard, if you’ve never dealt with texts and don’t know anything about what the header is clickable and what is just beautiful, it is better, we again repeat, turn to the professionals that all the work you do. Personal and creative power point is better at writing a book or recording a jazz album. Business is a thing that must be done well, or not make any. We are talking about your money goes.

If you have a website

So, imagine that we have convinced you that a website for your business you need to only order from professionals, not from «a friend who has been programming». When you order a website, first of all you should follow simple rules to get exactly what you want and save the nerves of those who have you get. Let’s consider a few of them.


Extyl-pro is used specifically for creating online stores. And in their development they provide a lifetime guarantee. Extyl-pro will easily guide integration with 1C and AGHARTA. To manage the site will be via the Bitrix system, which is a leader in the market. Development Studio Extyl-pro impresses with its concrete experience, which includes working with such companies as «Gazprom», «Raspberry», ASUS and Schwarzkopf & Henkel. Working in the Studio only professionals, some of which determine trends of national development. And, of course, fixed-price tag — is what distinguishes the web from other Studio.You have to understand that the development of individual website from zero in web Studio requires more work to different specialists. It is expensive and time consuming, particularly if the first concept you will not like. But this is more than compensated, if you’re serious. A website can cost from 300 thousand rubles, and its development may last from two months. If you have the money, and you know exactly what you want, then go down that road.

If the money you have no (or few of them), we recommend to take ready-made template. It costs much cheaper, but its functionality may be a perfect fit for my needs. On the other hand, the pattern design will have to fit yourself and it means that you have to hire a web developer who will complicate your website. You have all chances to website, which will greatly slow down. Each new edit will lead to a situation of «fix one thing, break another».

There is also a third, we can say that the hybrid option of buying the site. The client chooses the template they like and then web Studio makes it a completely different site, while retaining the overall concept. The development of the site according to the template on average can cost 50-70 thousand rubles, which is much cheaper than creating a website from scratch. On the other hand, if you want to change the template of the site dramatically, then the cost of such development can reach 250 thousand.

Overall the customer more desirable in the first stage to determine the design template and ask yourself a simple question: «If I choose this template, how much it will have to change under my requirements?» If the changes are very small, then this approach would suit you, and if it changes a lot, then why not book an individual site? The money will come out almost the same.

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