Why would Apple buy Formula 1

Work.kom.ua_4.08.2016_CWCSiwwkOGHyxWhen it comes to such a momentous event as the Formula 1, then without rumours is not one feast to the fans of this crazy race. Recently, we watched the German Grand Prix, where Hamilton showed the best result in the overall standings. But today we wanna tell you not about the race, and not even that in the next season coming increase in speed in the championship, which can not but rejoice.

It will be about a very interesting rumor, which break through the Western information field, namely, that Apple is considering the purchase of Formula 1. We would not began to write about the damned rumors, if I didn’t know that Formula can be anything. The smoke without fire does not happen, as in the case of Association of efforts of companies Red Bull and Aston Martin to build the most powerful supercar.

How is that even possible?

Let’s start with the fact that Formula 1 is the League, in exactly the same sense as NASCAR or the NHL. Teams that register to participate, sit on pins and needles the largest financial companies in the world. But the League is also a business whose value is equal to 7-9 billion dollars. It’s very, very much for us, significantly to our country’s budget and a ridiculous figure for the cash reserves of Apple, who make more than $ 100 billion. Apple could buy the F1, not even breaking a sweat from the signing of the contract.

Apple and F1 is a marriage made in cyber heaven

Speaking globally, then F1 can attract more than 400 million viewers through the sale itself, «Apple» giant. The fact that in many countries, including the USA, F1 is not even broadcast on free TV channels. Sport in General is gradually moving to the pay-per-view services. In Russia a similar situation, who would not say that. Just here lies a great opportunity for Apple to be exact — for the Apple Tv, which is a premium video streaming service for home use.

High technology

manygoodtips.com_4.08.2016_Vkj4uiBtTbKRvFormula 1 is a high-tech sport. And no company is more high-tech than Apple. Feel the connection? Formula 1 is, in fact, engineering is a porn disguised as a sport. The largest car manufacturers pour huge sums to ensure that their team was better than all the others. Companies like Mercedes and Ferrari, according to various publications, annually spend up to $ 200 million just for studies that are designed to improve the speed of the car. If any company wants to buy the Formula, it must be technically developed, such as Apple.

Apple already invests in the car

It is already known. «Apple» is not the first hires to its ranks of countless respected engineers in the automotive industry. The entire auto industry is moving toward technology, so a large lump of Apple want to be the first. And we don’t think the company will do for the rest of life among carts. It is possible that very soon we will see their entry into the wider car market.

IT company

Open another secret that makes the Formula buy Apple less absurd. The fact that large IT companies (SAP, EMC, Symantec) are already working with F1. They work closely with the teams to address the goals of range of problems: from the transfer of large amounts of data in real-time with machines and to protection against industrial espionage. Apple is perfectly blended with the local IT crowd. Moreover, IT companies who work with the Formula, not the usual sponsors — they work with teams, and are not advertised at their expense.

But will be buying? Exactly we don’t know, because no official statements have not given. But we can already see that these rumors are a sufficient number of common sense. If so, then it’s time to look at the stock Formula.

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