Why workout routine better fitness goals

manygoodtips.com_28.03.2016_RFyUKHum9XgjDLooking at Christian bale, McConaughey and the other actors, ready for a significant role change yourself drastically for the month, dropping half the weight or increase the muscles, you can think about the repetition of these exploits. Why go to the gym like a normal person, if you can do all the same but at an accelerated pace? It seems that fitness goals in a certain time and an intense workout routine is better, but it is fundamentally wrong.

1. The timing is not working

The world is divided into those who set themselves deadlines, and those who strongly despises. But the first trouble is that when they do not have time to get in shape for the month which they are currently allocated, begins in despair. Sports, recognized ineffective, they can, but are sent to hell, and the hall is visited less often.

2. It is impossible to predict how long it will take

There is nothing worse than to encounter a random obstacle. Illness, injury, lack of time – and now, please, to his «reliefs» are you going far longer than planned, and with your accelerated program on time and efficiency is becoming common. Particularly susceptible to this, those who like to be completely unrealistic from the point of view of physics and common sense workout.

3. Goal or anything

manygoodtips.com_28.03.2016_VfcSV7ULwg2wYNothing causes us to panic and worry more than the goal. Write down the idea. In the result of uncontrollable desires, and acrimony, and reinforced exercises you what is called burn out, ceasing to feel their goals and aspirations something.

In the routine, everything is much calmer. No deadlines, and extrala, only an endless, but highly useful cycle of turning nasty in chilika bursting with testosterone big. Resistant from the banal routine, which hemingwayesque a holiday that is always with you more benefit. It becomes a pleasant habit that puts pressure on nerves and sculpts you.

4. Marathon wear full gear

To reach your goals, wrapped in a thorny wreath of terms, each workout is like the last, each exercise should be the best. All or nothing, display to the last breath and take no prisoners. This is a test of strength and capacity. But later, after a few workouts, thinking that another month you’ll have daily access to a physical land, develop such apathy that nothing will save. Like I understand that need to go, and you do not want. And if the fun of the process is small, it is unlikely that these feelings will pass.

5. Not the same feeling

When you’re «in a hurry», do not enjoy the process. You’re wasting valuable grain, which Schwarzenegger literally lived in the gym – it’s fun. It’s No wonder «taken the weight» often brings more happiness than sex. You’re hard to follow and enjoy their noble transformation, because often you don’t see anything, just see the result, realize that like it should be, in any case, the vein in the arm sticking out, and leave the room.

Maybe a routine someone and scary, but she fall in love with the sport, helps to feel the excitement, gives a sense of momentum, thanks to which you always want to come back and return to the simulators. And if you love the process, the routine will give you everything you tried to achieve in a month of persistent self-destruction, but in a double size.

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