Why women love beards

why women love beardsQuestion:

«manygoodtips.com I have trouble my friend all the time asking me to shave. My beard is already 6 years old, and the girlfriend of 2 years. With a beard longer than me and the problem lies on the surface, but to take extreme measures to go I do not want. I’m not asking for advice, what do I do with a girl. Just tell me all girls hate beards?»

Despite the fact that the question is important, given it is worthless. But a given. To be answered and for this, we have gathered all the female part of our editorial and made to answer them on vorpos about beards. It turned out that it’s not the beard, and his girlfriend. We summed up all the answers and that’s what came out of it

They say that the beard gives its owner magical powers, and I think that’s true. For example, I hate going to the bar with one of his bearded friends, because all the female attention automatically goes to him. In other settings I’m not inferior, so it’s probably the beard. For our readers, we scored 5 reasons why women love bearded men.

1. The beard does not scratch his face

Unlike your bristles. You don’t think about it, because women on the face of the bristle no. And you try to imagine that someone picked up the grater and started to drive it on your face. That’s how women feel when their face touches the scruff. Or shave every day, sometimes several times, or to grow a soft silky beard. A woman will appreciate.

2. The beard helps build a career

The beard makes you more impressive and respectable, so the bearded man is more likely to achieve success at work than clean-shaven dude, and this is good for the owner of the beard, and his girlfriend. Unfortunately, your clean-shaven friends will start to envy you, but we shouldn’t fear this. First, men with beards, as a rule, are so good that they cannot long be angry and hold a grudge. And second, like attracts like, and bearded dudes are attracted in the company of other bearded and successful dudes.

If from the point of view of a career to compare the perspectives of bearded dudes and abrogate all obvious. In the second case nobody will take you seriously, all will forever treat you like green, nothing from a fool. Think about it. What if Chuck Norris didn’t have a beard? You can imagine it? He was just a jerk. «Walker, Texas Ranger» would close after the first episode!

3. Thanks to the beard men live longer

Look at 100-year-old guys and see that they are all more or less bearded. Women want their husbands lived long and cared about them. The beard of any shape and size gives you infinite life force! Beards allow the peasants to resist bacteria and viruses!

But seriously, good facial hair says that you body has enough testosterone. So, health is everything OK and are you able to live a long life and become a good father for her offspring. VIN-VIN!

4. Beard allows you to save on shaving

Rod hair off your face because you’re a man (I just told about testosterone). For some reason, there’s some dudes neglect this blessed gift and I shave daily. Nature every day trying to give them a gift, and every day they reject it in the literal sense of the word is sent into the pipe.

It’s rough, friend. Beard not only shows the world your courage, but also saves you a lot of money. Now you don’t need neither machines nor blade nor the means to and after shaving. The money you spend to buy the woman some sort of gift. Anyway, they can buy anything: women love to farm and rationally to spend money!

5. The beard helps to cope with stress

So, thanks all the same high testosterone level all the difficulties and problems literally bounce off your face and fly away into the stratosphere. In those rare cases when difficulties are out of control, they are solved with one stroke of his beard.

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