Why women lie more than men?

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No, Madam, don’t give up, do you still those liars! And don’t cry, no need to bite my lip and say, «You do not love me!», liars and that’s it. Oh, and why liars? This is just talk.

I thought about it and counted four reasons why women lie more often.

1. It is a way to protect women

Evolution has given bro muscles and a strong body to protect the offspring and his mate from the encroachments of dudes from a rival tribe. The female, sitting with a child, invented something interesting to do, learning to notice details and think differently (why, read here). And she learned how to be attractive: grows hair, it smells delicious — she and a woman. Looking at her threats do not see, because sweet and funny. Remember, friend, the woman knows how to inflict pain using non-obvious methods of struggle: the vagaries, intrigues, mongoose in the fur briefs and the poison in the plate of food. Lie to women — another tool as we have muscles and strong hands. In a stressful situation, the friend will not climb with his fists, and would prefer to lie.

2. Women are more dreamy and live in an illogical world

Man it’s hard to lie because he tries to live by logic. In fact, logical and consistent thinking is not less unprofitable than the illogical and purely feminine, where many facts were interpreted at the behest of the right leg. Women who live more logic, much more successful than all the others: they combine the male and clarity, and female irrationality. And we relate differently to lie. If a man is lying, it destroys its logical picture of the world, while the female view of the world from the lie in no way affected. Women’s picture of the world consists of separate pieces that float up the ass in some astral plane and only occasionally come together to make something whole. Therefore, women’s lies are not only hardly noticeable, the woman itself is not always clear that she’s lying.

3. The woman is constantly trying not to offend

In ancient times, women are mostly not running after mammoths, and peacefully, collected grasshoppers, berries and nursed children, so they tend to be more prone to emotions and can recognize them in other people. And yet women are told from childhood that it is not necessary to upset anyone, but we need to show wisdom. If a girl knows that her friend is having to go to the movies with her, talking in a cafe with the former, she will not say its present about it not because appreciates female friendship with his girlfriend, and because the current can scary offense. And getting jealous, why would he unnecessary problems and nerves? From this and all this fuss in the spirit: «You have me so big and strong!». Not to hurt and not feel self-conscious male.

4. Women communicate with children

With the ladies the constant practice of lying. Since childhood. Nowhere is this clearer as in the process of communication with the child. Women don’t think about the fact that it is easier to explain logically why something can’t be done. And rightly so, because the child is not so easy to explain. Children live in a created world, each part of which is illogical and alive.

Children’s easier to explain that will to grow mushrooms and shmakodyavka, not washing (although it seems to me that it was possible to do evil microbes), what the ladybug does not need to torture because she’ll be late home for dinner.

In conclusion I will add you cause for nerves, saying that the whole truth about women you never know. They are tricky.

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