Why women have sex

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We have already mentioned, why girls don’t want sex, and now it’s time to write about why sex they want. The most amazing girls that there is only one reason to have sex (the logical reason — like), but they have a dozen. What? Let’s face it.

1. Love

Women show their love in two ways: dumped at the man a ton of petting or to have sex with him. So the lady shows that she really likes you. Yeah, and she’s frankly good to see your close attention, and sex to her is a manifestation of attention.

2. Interest

Girls are very interesting, certainly not as interesting as some of the Pandora that opened the box with all human ills, but they always wonder what kind of man without clothes, how many of his mileage and how he does it. Senegalensis ladies are often very intimate and interesting. Compared to them this can only married virgins, sex which was not like him wrote in the books.

3. The desire for a new sensation

For women sex is an adventure. A reason to brag to friends over a Cup of coffee and cake in a cafe. There you can laugh and discuss men. Women are not so often drawn to the mountains, on boats or a long journey, so they find their adrenaline in many different things. For example, in casual sex.

4. Condolences

So, my friend, the only reason you might have something fall in the friend zone is a charity. Really, dude, girls can seriously give someone to feel pity and caress, in fact, is not even close to love, and so… Just in women, the desire to be unforgettable and mothers of Weights sits very deep.

5. Hunting

Women also know how to hunt men, and secured the result they are using sex. Achieve the desired toys they also with sex. Would be better if the fish were caught, by God. It is not strange, leggy models along with the Russian oligarchs most often satisfied with not only money, but also the importance of their trophies.

6. So it is necessary

No woman wants to feel like Luzarches, as well as does not want to recognize themselves frigid. Freud said that it is necessary — means it is necessary to fuck, if frigid, mean, loser, and nothing she will not. She doesn’t want to, but that she will talk to colleagues at work or friends in a café? And less dependent on friends and the sea is of interest to the girl not want to feel unwelcome. So she reluctantly…

7. For children

Weird, huh? After all, it is the most effective way to get them. Well, wait star, a dove and wise men from the East.

8. So you got rid

Well, then do not have to go to sleep, you can watch series in computer view, it is only necessary to wait for ten minutes while you pahapill right ear. And then free.

9. Health

The girl heard that one session active sex at least a hundred calories to the wind! And this is a great massage, the muscles are tightened, you can stretch something. If only they hadn’t forgotten that it all makes sense with the active sex.

10. Want

Yes, sometimes it happens, sometimes a woman begins unbearable to want the same thing. Well, you know, dude. And it starts something like pornography before the eyes, begins to look at men, and so that you can easily determine that it is in the search.

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