Why women fall for unavailable

There is such a wrong trait as the boys and girls fall in love with those people, which is good to fall in love not worth it. On the one hand, the heart can not command, but actually this is nonsense. If you have a head on your shoulders and a no self-control, it is necessary to stop to fall in love with those with whom there will be no happiness. But the problem is that sanity is currently somehow not enough.

Girls fall in love with the so-called alpha males. The problem is that in the camp of our ancestors alpha male — leader of the clan that cares about all its members, with a big, strong, but it has a lot of obligations, not the one that impregnates the females, and condemn their offspring to the education of small males are suckers, we are trying to impress various pickup forums. Actually girls fall for alpha males, and m*Dacians, confident that somewhere there hides a gentle nature. Feature m*duck — the ability to advertise in such a way that the females themselves were flying at the light, paliwal wings and were unaware that they, in fact, deceived. The friend zone is the brainchild of out of the sexes, but women sometimes sleep.

It is impossible to fall in love, lady, just turn on the head and a rigorous calculation and the strict calculation, which women have in abundance!

Women are attracted to unavailable men. Of course, let’s not generalize, not all. Unavailable is not just impossible to approach, and not available at all levels. It always killed. Somewhere sits a normal dude who will give her the brains to be a nuisance, cause problems and stuff. Instead, the normal guy women choose a not available monster, suffer, suffer, rubbing snot on the walls and slit your wrists across. What a woman! I have identified three types of unavailable men fall in love with girls. Maybe you will even help.

1. Ghost

He is physically unavailable. With this dude when the girl was found, exchanged phone numbers and maybe they even added each other to friends in social networks. Maybe she even talked a couple of times with him, so she had a firm impression that this is serious, well, at least there is some response. Weird, huh? They can often communicate, but it may disappear, not appear for a long time in the network, do not reply to SMS, and when he does, the girl will feel superhuman joy. In General, I think such relationships are attracted to girls that this is a huge emotional needle. On the one hand, it is very pleasing to simple call and response to the message. On the other hand, no one promises nothing. And on the third hand, when this apparition ceases to write, a girl is a real tantrum, because she not only realizes that she was stupid that she not only quit, but also the worst thing: nothing-it really was not!

It is really an emotional addiction and like any addiction, it is unhealthy, harmful, and once again was a bad thing! Woman, pull yourself together!

2. Paludology

It exists physically, and even emotionally. Using all five senses, everyone can see it. According to some psychological reasons not known to me, it makes girls to fall into dependence on him. Life is too short, but being young even more a short time so why waste it on trying to get someone to be in such a relationship? This is ridiculous.

These two seem to spend time together. They sometimes meet, but he can suddenly disappear from view. One of my friends, I may say, «went out» with a guy. During their three-month «relationship» she had seen him six times. Or seven, I can’t remember. They walked out together, doing some nonsense, he once was at his house, and then it all ended strangely. Perhaps because it gave him, perhaps because he found the right girl.

On the other hand, perhaps this guy was just so weird and withdrawn. He is adrift, with no one wants to have any relationship, but it’s all for the time being. As far as I know, this dude is now in a normal relationship. And they even live together, and was once paludosum.

If this bro seriously is trying in this way to attract women, then to me personally it doesn’t seem fair, it’s cheating, stupid, useless deception. Why not just get a girl?

3. Astronaut

It sucks. He’s attractive and funny, but as it is in space, he’s not with us. Man thinks about a relationship with a woman, he generally, I think, about these things not thinking. Think that it is neither one thing not taken seriously, but most likely, our hero, as if you, girls, do not want, do not want to seriously consider YOU specifically.

It is physically available. It can be touched by the hand, kiss and even sleep with him. But here’s the problem: he’s emotionally unavailable, and the girl he needed because he was comfortable with it. This guy may have their own priorities: it is important, career, Hobbies and a desire to go forward in life, without getting too attached. But most of all, ladies, you do not need you for it — convenience, no more than that. Do not think that he lives a man with a cold heart. He just doesn’t like you and not all women in General. Most likely, the astronaut will find himself a normal girl that fall in love, and if the girl who loved» astronaut before, you see him with the new girl, she’ll understand that not that he is not available the astronaut, he just didn’t love her, and that’s it.

If this post read a girl, and I think they read it, I want you to ask something. It is not necessary to fall in love with these people! It is impossible to fall in love, lady, just turn on the head and a rigorous calculation and the strict calculation, which women have in abundance! There’s a lot of dudes who will love you in return, which you will strongly cherish. Will you stop screwing around and beating yourself up! Give normal attitude, woman!

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