Why women are dumber than men



Healthy, guys! I have a question: why are women dumber than men?


Counter-question: why is so clear? Not all women are stupid, men are stupid full. You even asking this question does not show himself an intellectual. (No offense, dude, but what is the question?) But, after some thought, we decided to answer it.

Not that I’m sticking up for women just want to believe that not all girls have no logical thinking. I wouldn’t say that they are all fools, and we here are smart. Just we think differently. I’m sure they often think ourselves stupid. And perhaps you even talked you’re just not paying attention.

For example, girls believe that we are dependent and that will never cease to be children. They think we are stupid enough to domestic issues. Why do we still not understand that you can’t eat a sandwich without a plate, should not throw dirty things to clean and don’t act like a prick in bed.

We love to speak strange terms, to once again show who’s in a relationship know-it-all, and who is stupid. We probably subconsciously trying to prove to ourselves that we are the sovereigns of the world, and women are pawns. I now think that it is dangerous to live with such a cliché. Just the women have already figured out that they always feel stupid, and it is dangerous for us. Why we forget about what they are tricky. The woman will then reproach you at every opportunity, if you breccia nonsense.

The women were able to advance feminism, so from them we can expect anything. Please don’t forget it. You yourself are sometimes hard blunt. Every time you go to it, please cook something delicious. And then at dinner inadvertently let slip yesterday that you were doing it the French way or even some vkusnaja. All! Now every time she will cook, she will reproach you with it.

All men are jealous fools. However, if a woman is happy jealous men, it is no less stupid than he is. So that men and women are equally stupid.If you think women are stupid, most likely you have never met smart. Apparently, in this environment you communicate. And yet some women pretend to be stupid, but for themselves and their friends, they are very smart. You’ve probably heard about this concept as «female logic»? Call it what you want, but IT does exist. You just have different perceptions of to listen to information, so it is difficult to understand each other. And there is nothing fatal. Just learn to live with it: my friend you are still not retrain, and she’s not to blame.

It so happened that your brain is «single-tasking». This means that when solving problems you have to sort through, and will lead the thread from first to second, from second to third… so you’re not going to give instant and unreasonable response, unlike your friend. The fact that her brain is «multi-tasking». In her mind there is complete chaos in which long been entangled and died a couple of cockroaches. Because of this, it will solve the problem of inconsistent and, most likely, will not even be able to explain why she came to this conclusion.

Once again, that women are insidious, and it is impossible fully to believe in their stupidity. Probably, they stuck this feature, because in most cases they are trying to seem clever enough. Especially in a romantic relationship. «Buy me ice cream, put on my panties, meet me after work…» — they are accustomed to the role of a little girl, which I see no reason to leave.

I’m not saying women have no logic. There are, just that they are uncomfortable to use it. They find men to allow them to solve these «difficult and unpleasant task.

In General, man, appreciate the women that they have good Boobs, for example. If you get only fools, maybe at least they’re beautiful or fun.

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