Why we watch the news

People for a long time, waking up in the morning, making my coffee, took fresh news of a newspaper, where I read about what is going on in their country, what are the accidents occurred in their city. Now, of course, very few people read Newspapers and all news we learn primarily from television and the Internet.I instinctively start your day with a view that is news, and not something else. Though, perhaps, a lecture on the Arzamas I would be much more interesting.

And so I turn the channel and see the following picture: economic summary of the region in which fires somewhere raped girls team won another match, and Alan Rickman died. I caught myself thinking that the news rarely see what is true for you personally. But, even so, will still turn on morning TV, or watch tape.

Craving for this information is much stronger than my awareness of its usefulness. So I asked myself: is the reason you need to watch the news?

News – new prayer

News, in whatever form they may be (radio, Internet, television), is the daily habit of a billion people around the world. And this habit is not new. In primitive times the tribe was waiting for scouts to learn about how to change their situation in the territory where you want to go for a meal and that can be exchanged in a neighboring village. If we talk about the events of a century ago, hardly anyone of the men could live safely day without armfuls of Newspapers. In the twentieth century people were very interested in various spheres of life: science, international politics, engineering.

Now news has become much more – they gained momentum. Modern philosopher Alain De botton, based on ideas of Hegel, believes that the news in the modern culture has a religious aspect, so we hope to receive revelations from the box, to find the difference between good and evil, to understand suffering and their logic. We follow the news as before, was guided by the Bible. If indeed the news is a new kind of faith, then I hope this matter will learn better, because then the question about the value and credibility will rise even more.

Knowledge of the state of Affairs in the modern world is a very important part of life. The lack of this knowledge is tantamount to ignorance. However, we people often like to talk about politics, watching «analytical» programs. But you know these people, for example, the name of the Prime Minister of France? So what kind of understanding of geopolitics can be discussed? Today we will talk about how serious is the role of all this in our lives.

Humanism news

If, ideally, the mission of the journalist who deals with news, is to show events with the most truthful and accurate view, the most objectively. It is clear that truthful angle on each side will have its own – this is the main difficulty. Without news, people remain ignorant and do not really know how things are going in the same Syria.

However, any submission of such information gives us only a slice of reality, and the rest behind the scenes. Using various psychological and cinematic techniques that are designed to focus in one place and darken it in another. And we get another division into black and white, and objectivity turning in his grave.

I remembered a study which showed that news more negative content than positive. Every 17 stories 1 story comes with a happy ending. We received information about murders, pedophiles, prohibitions, the machinations of other States, terrorist attacks and don’t get what would motivate us.

As a result, we come to the conclusion that the world of objective media is incredibly narrow, so much so that, whereas one aspect of human life, they manage to distort all other images. We start pessimistic attitude to the world, even cynical. Although in my own life, in my own experience we all can be good.

Some people think that news about breaking down barriers and prejudices because they keep abreast of what is happening in the world – natural disasters, epidemics, wars. We begin, they say, to feel the involvement in the outside world, and therefore to sympathize with. But the case shows a completely opposite result. The psychological community believes that when we are talking about the tragedy of one individual, then it becomes a pity. But when we are talking about tens, hundreds, thousands, we turn away from the problem. Joseph Stalin said «the Death of one man is a tragedy, the death of millions – statistics». Perhaps the dictator was not far from the truth?

So the news that are designed to pour into our brain a little bit of humanism, on the contrary, suck is the human sense of us. The endless «reports of death and terror» forced to get used to the enormity of events.

News keep us in the loop

It is, but it’s worth mentioning a few caveats.

First, to be informed means to understand the information about, not just read it. And that requires knowledge. Often we throw bones in the form of «facts» that we must accept on faith, and so we do, if you do not understand the question. But the facts – it is very subjective, and we can just cheat. To understand all this, it is necessary to learn to associate the facts, your own knowledge, to understand opposing positions and, of course, be able to formulate conclusions.

Second, not all news have to do with you. In fact, the vast majority of questions that you will never touch in my life, no it does not affect. Also they will not be able to motivate you. Try to answer the question: how much of the news has affected you over the past five years, forced to make another decision or to perform certain actions? I think a tenth of a percent of the total.

So why are we watching them?

However, as usual, far from any high matters. Won’t flatter myself and you, man:

Looking for fun and killing time. The news is all that is in a good blockbuster: drama, suspense, action and unexpected moments. For example, take a disaster movie: airplane crashes, crashes, hundreds dead. What happened before the fall? Who is responsible? Who is to blame for the death of so many people?

For the sake of status. Awareness about what is happening in the world, doesn’t mean you’re smarter than others, but we still use this knowledge for the evaluation and sorting of people. If the person is knowledgeable, he can speak on the subject of current Affairs, and if not, she hardly understands something about the modern world. It is clear that the reality may be different, and you feel educated and experienced member of their society?

To monitor the status of others. A fairly common cause. If your life sucks, it’s always good to look at those who did worse. We probiraetsya from this we understand that all is not lost. Besides, modern media allow us to feel the relationship with celebrities of all types.

Instead of feats. The lives of many men of the modern world is uneventful, which we included TV in the hope that we will see something exciting, something that we lost. A lot of guys secretly hope for a disaster or impending war, which «definitely» will give a chance to show their real quality. Many experience arousal (not the sexual kind), when you look behind all these horrors of the world. And the point here is not psychotic maniacs, and that life can be pretty grey.

To avoid themselves. If you delve into the drama that comes from the problems of the world, you can forget about your own little world: a quarrel with his wife or the unpaid loan. News in some way act as a light drug which gives us to relax, to disconnect, temporarily forget about their problems.

In fear to miss something. The world is moving faster nowhere, and many of us are not as young as before. The government discharged one week, the politicians immediately become prisoners, and modern technology is advancing like never before. We are afraid to break out of this rhythm, I’m afraid to lose track of time, so watching all of this. You never know, what if you miss a flight to Mars or the resurrection of the mammoth?

Then abandon them?

No, let it remain a part of your life. Just treat them as another information source among others and not as a mandatory content for use. I would also recommend «information diet», not everyone is perfect, but it looks like this:

– I scan the headlines city news once a day, listening to national news on the radio (Yes, they still can be used). What’s in it for me?

1) ability to talk to people about current events (I think that is valuable);

2) to respond to these developments, however, domestic political news, I relate to the humor, because I think that they do not have much sense. But if we are talking about elections or anything like that, so even more so.

I’m trying to spend less time on international news, although it turns out it’s bad. The fact that there is an understanding that such news will not really give me any accurate information and use. To collect information about, say, the war in Syria, it is necessary to know the people who live there, or, say, in the Kurdish army. And what we served, often not worth the time spent.

The only thing I read is the stories that really interest me. Such stories gain 2-3 per day and this, of course, pure entertainment that we need to understand.

In General, we obtain about thirty minutes of wasted time on the news. Talk shows and other pleasures it is better to throw in the trash, and TV news differ in their bias, which also indicates not in their favor.

Ultimately, you must come to the conclusion that serious work in philosophy, history, sociology, the science is much more useful to you as a person, than news. Books are really more appropriate for achieving professional and personal goals. Always remember that the truth news expires in 24 hours, and the books remain relevant for decades and even centuries.

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