Why we overeat

manygoodtips.com_3.12.2013_EEVdsPMJOShdJPerhaps you unexpectedly gained a few pounds. What is the reason you have no idea, but dieting just do not sit. It is possible, of course, that you have a problem with eating habits, and you might just overeat.

Many men overeat and not even realize it. When there is overeating, they’re not even aware of what was happening, they just eat. Think you have great willpower and take care of themselves so carefully that you are not able to overeat? No, dude, it’s not! Overeating is something that everyone can relate to. Why is it happening? Remember, man, that overeating is a symptom, but the reasons for the emergence of overeating — weight.

Serious causes of overeating

First you need to make sure that the reasons for overeating is not the result of health problems. Perhaps this eating disorder type bulimia, which is accompanied by feelings of guilt, depression and the desire to eat more and more. This overeating when you don’t want to eat, but still eat and eat. Targeted weight in this case is not considered, do not confuse! If you’re not sick, if your overeating is not the result of serious problems with health and mentality, for him there are several reasons, which we now describe.

1. Bored

Some people start to overeat because they have no idea what to do. You come home after work and do not know what to do. These are guys who have no girls. They stifle their boredom by watching TV, games and surfing the Internet, in parallel, consuming junk food and drinking beer. You are watching on Discovery channel a program about the life of bats and eat all sorts of rubbish because your friends are busy and you don’t know what to do. Swing out lazy and do not want to. In my life there was a time. I would come home, sit in front of the computer, laid out the food and watched everything: cartoons, movies, TV shows. I profusely absorbed junk and drinking soda and beer, although there are not particularly wanted. It is a form of entertainment. When I began to go on dates, to attend events and signed up to the gym, my life began to improve because I found new ways to entertain themselves.

2. Stress and anxiety

No matter what you start to overeat. Family, work, relationships — the reasons can be many. Importantly, it upsets you and you eat. It seems that this problem occur not only women, but, dude, this problem is not a gender! You will be seizing their dismay beer and potatoes exactly the same as your girlfriend sticks her ice cream. Food gives people a sense of control and power, and the sensory experience of taste and the comfort of a full stomach distract us from problems that we don’t want to think.

3. Deliverance from addiction

When you’re fighting against Smoking and other harmful habits, obesity, diabetes and other problems caused by overeating, do not seem quite so big because they’re just waiting for us in the future. In an attempt to abandon dependency many people feel the need to do something with their hands, and the food seems to them an innocuous way to keep yourself away from anything that is addictive. For the first time, overeating — the lesser of two evils, but there are healthier ways to occupy yourself while you are struggling with addictions. For example, swing! Or role-playing games.

4. Culture and social norms

Some cultures eat a lot. For example, a long sequence of various dishes in some of Greece. There is a second, third and fourth portion — a sign of respect to the chef. But this national culture. There are also some modern cultural traditions. For example, watching football with beer, Goodies and chips or visit a movie under nachos, popcorn and large coke. This socio-cultural norms. Go to a movie, take with a huge bucket of popcorn. But if you don’t want to get fat or is why you have to take it? You will definitely convince yourself that today it’s so accepted that you are a hundred years did not eat popcorn, but it is still the cultural norm, which you can follow or not follow. If Greece is your failure may actually offend the cook, no one will be offended.

Social norms in some families involve a merger of the first, second, appetizers, dessert and Mandarin. We had an article about how to behave on prazdnikah, but no one wants to hurt mommy?

In most cultures men do not have the pressure that they’ve put on some weight, unlike women who are so concerned about their weight because of the social unacceptability of female completeness.

5. To please a woman

For many men to eat food cooked by a woman’s attempt to please and show that you love her cooking. We often highly recommend to take a second helping, and many do it just for the sake of not to offend mom or girlfriend.

In relationships, many men want to please women who cook for them by eating their cooked Lunches and dinners, because otherwise women will feel that their efforts were undervalued. And this is why so many newlyweds get fat in the first years of marriage. Trust me, dude, the girl is usually pretty easy to hear that she is a good hostess and a great cook, do not have to absorb a fourth portion of meatballs with mashed potatoes.

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