Why we love craft beer

craft beer

We can say that beer ended the era of hunting and gathering: people of the forest, mountains and streams, the man with the spear in hand, needed only shelter is gone. Perhaps the collection is necessary for beer ingredients made constantly move the biped to settle in one place. You can Express it in other words: beer changed the world.

Whatever view of history you are not adhered to, it is a fermented drink made from water, hops and malt playing an important role. Drink from aluminum cans, glass bottles steamy and noble glass pints. Sailors drink it for the first time in many months, stepping on solid ground, and football fans during the celebration of victory — all men drink beer when they gather together, so was the story. Let’s look at it deeper and see what was going on in an old brewery.


vintage brewing

Let’s start our story from the ice age, when nature brought the ice bridges between those regions which we now call Asia, North America and Europe. No one knows how it happened, probably somewhere in the cradle of civilization bread or barley bread must have fallen into the water along with the sugar required for their transformation into alcohol — this process helped the sun. As the man got this divine gift remains a mystery, however, we face a remarkable fact: once appeared brewing.

First, this case involved a woman whose duty it was to brew strong Ales, to keep the family alive during the decades of plague, famine and lack of clean water. Many people died from the devastating disease in the middle ages. Religious orders began brewing beer, making this practice public activities. It was very profitable, in demand, in every community was the brewers.

Of course, when the rulers realized that from this simple case we can extract many benefits they took control of the brewery and fiercely fought for the right of production and distribution of beer. So there is a state brewery.

In Russia brewing has a quite long history. The beer was called «bread wine» and sold in pubs under Ivan III. Farmers were allowed to brew beer independently only four times a year: on Easter, Demetrius Saturday, the carnival and Christmas. In special cases (wedding and christening) farmers are also allowed to brew beer for home drinking, this beer was called a special beer. Drinking this beer was only possible for three festive days, after which the remains were sealed up to the nearest next occasion.

The transition to Kraft brewing

The giants of brewing is good, is a guarantee of quality and good taste. On the one hand. And on the other hand, recently all important exclusivity, and we are beginning to interest home and craft beer. It is not too much, about 1% of all beer, and this figure is slowly but surely growing.

Why do we in the brain a strong connection between beer and impartial male performance: beer hats, cheap beer with Semko on the benches and pouring beer through a funnel in the mouth of the first who comes to hand. It all has to go back in time and give place to the true culture of beer consumption.

Like good wine, Beers need to be able to try and properly to drink. With experience and practice you can learn to assess the quality of all ingredients, their role in the aroma and taste. Tastes of beer no less than of wine — the whole abyss: shades of caramel, fresh and toasted bread, cloves, grapefruit, earthy, sour, coffee, resin — and this is not the whole palette. They need to enjoy a drink, rather than mindlessly drinking it warm from the bottle plastic poltorashki.

What is craft beer?

Beer is wheat, water, yeast and hops. The wheat is heated in water, starch turns into sugar. The result is water with sugar boiled to get rid of other unwanted impurities. At the end of cooking add hops and flavours to create a balance of sweetness and bitterness that remains from the wheat. Then all is cooled, add yeast and shake to create a yeast fermentation that requires dissolved in water to sugar, the result of the process turn into alcohol. At each stage of its flavor. Wheat gives herbal, burnt and sweet smell, while the bitter hops, floral and citrus. The yeast responsible for the excavation and bread aromas in some Beers — the result is a unique bouquet.

Just below we provide a brief description of some varieties of Kraft beer.


The majority of craft beer is Ales, there are a number of variations: light and dark, porters, stouts and hefeweizen. Ever wonder why some focus on lemon or orange taste like normal wheat beer? German hefeweizen, beer, in which preparation uses wheat was originally brewed using European strains of yeast that gave the beer a citrus taste. Some of them still not a joke, give a lemon!


Dark beer with the same flavor of wine, which is very good balance of bitterness and sweetness: it is clear and palpable, and more. The porters added burnt sugar, it is made from aromatic dark malt. Beer has English roots.


A dark beer made from dark malt and roasted barley, strong beer has many varieties: dry, sweet, oatmeal, Irish, even coffee and chocolate. This beer is very popular with the women.


Lager is bottom-fermented beer with fermentation at low temperatures. The most common sort of beer. It takes more time than making ale, which lasts on average a few weeks. Lagers softer than Ali, and offer a smaller variety of flavors. Each of us at least once in your life try a lager. There is a huge variety nice crafting lagers.

Beer with body and soul

Dark Ales, porters and stouts can be called seasonal Beers: they are cooked in fall and winter. There can’t go wrong with a taste of roasted wheat, hops and high strength.

Craft beer is big and bold beer, with nothing to hide, which is put on the blades of any beer from the soulless corporations. This is the best choice you can make. The best advice for anyone who wants to get acquainted with the world of Kraft Beers — just to try to start it. It’s a crazy richness of flavors and endless space for new knowledge. Here there are varieties for every taste.

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