Why to impress her friends — the most intelligent thing that came to your mind?


We wrote about annoying girlfriends your perfect sweetheart twice as much. Here’s the most detailed article. Girls are constantly thinking about where the key to our hearts. Maybe there, where you learn to cook soup, how’s your mom? Or under your belly, hanging on by a dick? Or is he in friendship with your dog or family? Or when she wore the little black dress? He could be anywhere.

But what I can definitely say that the way to a girl’s heart is through those who are dear to her. Seriously! If you can impress friends your girlfriend, she’s yours. You can give her flowers, to be careful, but if you put in a few words her friend, it will be much cooler. But don’t forget the attention! Best friends girls seriously know her better. They are impartial judges. Well… Relatively impartial. The girl can not listen to one friend, but if each of them hints that you are the villain and the girl deep down to realize this, you will not save anything.

Girl friends know all about it. The best view of her character and taste it is possible to make, if you ask a lot of girlfriends and a couple of the best. This opinion will be accurate and good knowledge about taste. Do not neglect close friends ever. They are like relatives that can and should endure. But folks girls you probably don’t see each other as often as friends, right?

In all it is necessary to have a measure. Very friendly, too Intrusive to be worth it. It is terribly bad and acts worse ignore. I remember, because I ran a relative of my girlfriend trying to convince me to literally become his friend, drinking beer together and talking to them about his women. It’s not healthy. This is wrong. But most important, it pushes better cold and total contempt, because some will call you weird and clingy and a hypocrite. And they will be right.

Acting too cold, to ignore and not to communicate with her friends under the pretext that you communicate with her and not with her Luggage, the dumbest idea that you will come to a head. When men’s magazines advise you to make your girlfriend get rid of her friends and spend time with them less time, know that it’s harmful advice from pseudonaja who quietly hate women and live with my parents. Do you really think that BETTER than her BEST FRIENDS with whom she is familiar, I don’t know, YEARS? They are more likely to stay.

No, no! When you first meet her friends, you should know a few things.

1. Remember their names. Know this for sure! Girls love details. Don’t cut back their names, some don’t like it. Don’t call Natasha Nastya.

2. Ask questions about them. More questions! Even if you’re going to hear about the session and certification and it will be insanely boring. Ask about some details, so you show interest. And you do have to wonder, because it depends on something.

3. Tell me that friends of her class. IMPORTANT POINT: don’t gush with joy! If you overdo, it will emerge in the future, when she will ask her friends in the spirit: «Well, how?» Tell her that this guy is a hypocrite or too keen on and she needs someone else. Call them «interesting girls», that’s enough.

4. Be friendly. This is important. This means to be very delicate. Be in a safe area. Praise their interests, work, clothes. But don’t say anything about the figure or face, even if they are just stunning. If you do, you’ll be marked as a bad type that without shame, looking at others. But this is serious shit.

5. If you’re hanging out at her house or coffee shop, offer to pour wine or to enclose the salad. If she lives with friends, bring a bottle. But pre-specify the tastes, and the presence of drinkers in this company. If you bring a bottle of Milk beloved mother» to raw foodists-sober, it is unlikely you would respond favourably to her friends. And she’ll probably talk about them.

Offer to pour wine to make you in the eyes of the girls a gentleman, «which is now almost gone».

It is important to be friends with the friends of the girls. They are quite a can be friends and genuinely concerned for her friend. They don’t want her focused on you, they don’t want her to cease to communicate with them. And the girl doesn’t want this either. So don’t separate them. Be friends with them, hang out, act like a gentleman and be a prominent guy for her and for them. Girlfriend of your friend is not as bad as we malyam.

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