Why to buy gallium is a great idea?


Dude, I think that today’s release of inventory is quite strange, because we came across on the Internet in a new fashion. If fashion is for bacon a few leaves in the past (despite the book-parody of «50 shades of bacon»), and fashion comes to the purchase… of gallium.

As you know from the school course of chemistry, gallium is a metal with a surprisingly low melting temperature, which is in the range of 30 degrees Celsius. Simply put, if there is some time to hold the record of gallium on hand, it will immediately become liquid, that will bring you a whole range of interesting experiences. The gallium soiled, remaining on the skin, however, it is virtually harmless.

Home what do you need such a thing, besides the obvious opportunity to brag to your friends? I think in order to tell young children about the wonders of science. Gallium can be bought at Amazon at a price of 27 dollars for a small disc.

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