Why the whole world fell in love with rocky Balboa

Why the whole world fell in love with rocky Balboa

manygoodtips.com_1.09.2016_FeqbRbVwWJQisSylvester Stallone once said that a film like the first «rocky» and certainly wouldn’t in our time. Probably, therefore, from part to part, this is Boxing-Motorola story turned into a Thriller, without losing its melodramatic component. Because in our days it is difficult to lure people to cinemas with his story about 30-year-old guy who is looking for his path in life, and tries to grasp fell like a snowball from the sky jackpot.

The first «rocky» is not a film about Boxing, it’s a human story, which from part to part, what is gained and what is lost, but the fact remains, this is one of the best franchises in film history.

The first «rocky» without a doubt the best movie in the Galaxy, and the rocky Balboa is a great character without whom the world would be a little worse. The whole world fell in love with running on the stairs, a Philadelphia boxer, whose fictional destiny is able to teach a lot more than a real destiny. Let it seem strange to be elevated to the status of hero of a fictional character, especially since he’s not so fictional.

Incredible perseverance

To understand why rocky came out so hearty and sincere, one hundred and fifty-fourth time to recall the biography of Sylvester Stallone. If sport prototypes Italian stallion was Chuck Wepman, rocky Marciano and Joe Frazier, all the personal moments Stallone licked with himself, he had every right to, because his story is instructive.

Of course, history between rocky and my biography, there are certain Parallels. He had the drive, talent and intelligence, but no one noticed. And when chance knocked on the door, and everyone said, «Oh, this is rocky, he is good.» The same thing happened to me. The fact that we both walked a certain way before had the opportunity to show themselves. This is the main similarity.In 1975, Stallone was 29 years old. In the creepy room he rented along with his pregnant wife, bred cockroaches, there was no money at all. Behind was an endless series of failed auditions, where he was told directly what the face is, with such acting abilities, and with such diction in Hollywood is nothing to do. There were a couple inferior roles, including in «the Italian stallion» where he was more growling and making scary sounds, than fucked.

Then Stallone decided to invent a role for himself. According to legend, the whole process took three and a half days, and countless of cheap cigarettes. Like all good stories, this was a real prototype. Inspired by real championship fight between belt holder Muhammad Ali and Chuck Wapperom ended for the latter is a technical knockout.

I watched that fight in the theater and said to myself: we need to talk about repressed ambitions and broken dreams, the people who are watching as their hopes turn to dust. I’ve thought about it for about a month. You can call it a stage of inspiration. Then I gave the ideas to Mature for 10 months. Then came the implementation stage, when I wrote three and a half days.

Zaradi.com.ua_1.09.2016_t4eknj3oiBHZ8Sly got up at 6am, wrote by hand in Notepad, and his then-wife, Sasha then typing on a typewriter, in parallel, encouraging man in the style of the coach’s old school.

The script quickly became interested in, but ambitious author, there were several conditions: the main role goes to him along with the Director’s chair. From the last Stallone wisely refuse in exchange for 10 percent of the profits at the box office. But the role he will stand his ground and not be tempted even for big money: according to various estimates — from 150 000 to 300 000 dollars, which are now equivalent to millions of dollars.

I would have never sold the dream. Even told my wife that it is better to bury the script in the backyard and let rocky play the tracks. She agreed and said that if need be, ready to move into a trailer in a swamp.What happened next, everyone knows. Ten nominations for «Oscar», including two for Stallone himself. Three statuettes, including for best film. Numerous continue. Intravital monument to the hero on the steps of the city Museum of art in Philadelphia, which has since been nicknamed the «rocky steps». And cinematic character became the champion of the world and the benchmark for many generations to come that proved bad and the ugly sixth film.

He’s not Superman, he’s a simple guy

I love this character, but never thought I will play it. Didn’t think it would cause such a resonance, especially among the new generation that this role would become crucial. I just decided that it makes sense, after all, rocky is many things, a lot of problems. He’s one of us.We loved rocky because of these characters, alive and natural one, two and miscalculated. Stallone did not make him another superhero who can do anything, which is all successful. So, a chance to prove himself fell on my head suddenly, but it’s not a superpower, and the vicissitudes of life. If he managed to win the first fight with Apollo Creed, it would be the worst ending for such a wonderful story. Yes, it was the groundwork for the next part, and the viewer, who is accustomed to successful superheroes who solve their problems for one, would not mind to see Balboa with a champion belt. Then back to kinoistoriya were not so biased, and each secretly wished that the Rock is not colored her ass to her future friend.

manygoodtips.com_1.09.2016_16Fln3C2f5a9jAnd so throughout, in the Wake of initial success, when rocky is offered the advertising contract and the name on the show, he becomes a loser who loses everything or spends on drink. He does not restrict his success making money on the wave of popularity and successfully investing honestly earned, unlike Stallone, who immediately understood the thing, and since then, never in the bankrupt did not appear. He behaved like most ordinary folks, who grinned at the chance and bought all the things I could not afford, pulled the money for the family, and expensive trinkets, not calculating how much you have to pay. In the fifth part he is deprived of everything, returning to his native cesspool, and then he found problems with his son and cancer. He’s not Superman, he did not win all his fights, he has fallen and raised, like all normal people. He remained a simple guy from Philadelphia, which he loved.

He loved animals

Love for animals is captivating in earnest. Rumor has it that the Director of the first film, John R. Avildsen didn’t want to take that job until he stumbled in the script on one interesting point:

I opened it and there on the second page the guy is talking to his turtles… It stunned me.

Man, cohabiting and communicates with the shells on, buy a jacket with a tiger, because he loves animals, trains with his dog automatically gets +5 to charisma. Since the beast likes means a good man.

Merciful and just

The rock was very fair, not like the insolent Bumpkin. No one was beaten with fists, even if it would be worth. Did not break the fingers of the debtor to Mr. Gazzo, although he had ordered. Why, because with a broken thumb, he won’t be able to feed themselves.

Good-natured and friendly guy with one hand, realized that can not calculate the force, but most likely, he just didn’t want to spoil the relationship, he understood that rest and regret. Even when he was beaten, he did not rush into a fight, a fact seemingly insignificant, but very sincere.

Ridiculous, but kind and sincere

Meaningless but sweet Jock, who can not really write, read and speak, awkwardly joking and did not know how to respond to jokes. What is he so broke? So this negativity its simplicity and subdued. As they say, the less a man boast, the more money you pay for a movie with him.

And yet, we are all worried about the Rock as my brother, especially when he tried to take Adrian out on a date.

manygoodtips.com_1.09.2016_IJsvyqE9OmHJ4Fame and success hasn’t spoiled. He never forgot his roots, as a true and Stallone. Not for nothing his hero, the Italian nicknamed the Italian stallion that worships another Italian-American from fighting rocky Marciano. He left the Field, drove him out, even though that pot-bellied, drunken filth he was forced to move to a cesspool. Because did not forget the people who helped him. Arrogance markedly increased in the last part when he turned into a restaurant owner with unnaturally stretched face.

I never claimed to be a boxer. I have no such skills. But our life is a constant battle. Sometimes what I write seems a bit sentimental. But I do believe, it’s not how hard you hit, but how take the hit and move on. This is what determines a person’s life.These workouts are legendary jog on a frosty morning Philadelphia under unsinkable and a great «Gonna fly now!». This scene is parodied more than the Stallone. Stallone managed to make a cult sport, it was after «rocky 3» Jogging on the beach became popular. Rocky has convinced us that it is not necessary to have professional equipment, why is it, if there are dead carcasses of animals!

But at the same time, we all wanted to get loud, harsh, and fighting an old mentor, who was among only their formidable appearance are able to beat the crap out of my head and in time to warn that women’s feet get tired.

The scene of the final battle with Apollo Creed Stallone with the Director painted the scenery for the ballet: every movement, every blow. The ballet ended for Stallone injured ribs, and his partner Carl Weathers — broken nose.And in 2011, the actor has never boxed professionally, has entered into international Boxing hall of fame (along with Mike Tyson). Earlier it said the Association of writers about Boxing. Indeed, all the sports component, ranging from drinking on an empty stomach eggs, and throwing logs in the Russian taiga for the gorgeous music, and ending with the dramatic scenes of Boxing, even histrionics, not quite real, but much more interesting than most of the current Boxing fights — all made with heart and under the brilliant music.

This is just a brilliant story

manygoodtips.com_1.09.2016_WRcv1ojFe7D9yRocky never existed. It is a fairy tale, a myth. I like allegory, I love the «Iliad» and «Odyssey.» I wanted to do documentary history. Coming up with rocky, I tried to create a modern tale.And yet, this myth has brainwashed better than the parent Board or the army. «Rocky» hit everyone: those who love a good movie, and those who do not have enough motivation to begin to change themselves. I remember childhood, the days when big films are shown on TV watched it because the Internet was only for educated. All watched movies, part by part, and then tried to fight, began to run in the mornings and going to the gym. Everyone wanted to be this clumsy, charming man with a crooked face, big heart and kind, but sad eyes. It’s a few movies that first made me think about the perfection of physical and then mental.

Over the years, we began to notice a deep drama in the first two films, and wondered how any «Golden raspberry» sly has created an amazing story about the same as we do a guy who just had a dream that he did not believe and did not fully understand. How weird is that, when the film is about the sport for years, starts to break a tear. It is hoped that the wisdom and not old age.

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