Why talking to strangers is helpful

manygoodtips.com_24.06.2014_HtP1MEIjg08DoMama told you — never talk to strangers. But childhood is long over, and you still continue to shy away from anyone who talks to you on the bus.

Meanwhile, there is nothing wrong with asking for directions, not your smartphone, and a passer-by, or to have a few words with a neighbor on a bench in the train.

Here are a few of the reasons why talking to strangers still stands.

1. Leisure

If your a long way, but Android usually runs out to pass the time you will help the conversation. This old-fashioned way to occupy yourself on the road is worth at least once to be tested in the realities of your life.

2. Connection

Don’t laugh. The probability that this random acquaintance will be useful to you in the future much higher than you think. No, seriously, because you never can know for sure what this venerable old gentleman, sitting opposite you, while he with him do not talk. Suddenly it would be most useful contact in your life?

3. Therapy

Communicating with strangers can work as therapy for insecure personalities. The experience of the systematic overcoming fear before conversation with a stranger is liberating and gives courage.

4. Confidence

Having gained this experience with different people, you might reach a level of confidence that I can do without alcohol and other stimulants, just to come and meet you any girl.

5. Close contact

In the world of social media where every act of communication mediated by a virtual communication channel so difficult to break through barriers imposed by communication format by email or in social networks, and reach out to a living person, what is behind the next set of characters. Offline to meet more difficult however, if you manage to talk to strangers, then contact is installed in this way, will be much more intimate and alive than any online Dating.

6. Question

Talking with a stranger, you’ll learn to listen and ask the right questions. After all, if you’re interested in the conversation, you need to learn this.

7. A fresh look

Knotting a conversation with a stranger, you go outside your social comfort zone. On the street, in public transport you meet people, which, probably, will not soon be met, adhering to their usual «mode» of communication. The consequence of such «unexpected acquaintances will always be new, fresh look at familiar things. A person belonging to another social group, does not think like you and your friends. His point of view and ideas about some objects and phenomena can seem truly shocking, they can flip down on the head of your presumption about the state of Affairs.

8. Experience

Stories of strangers can be no less exciting than the movie. And certainly will be more instructive than the film, because they occurred in reality. The more people you meet, the more you will be able to expand the boundaries of their own experience, through the appropriation of other people’s.

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