Why some ideas remain just ideas

Pora was.com.ua_6.07.2015_nmKmI4P07eEd7You sit behind a Burger and beer somewhere in fastfunc, think about the eternal or rubbed on a pair of pants, also think about the eternal and great. And BAM! Came up with a brilliant idea that can make you a millionaire or at least be given the opportunity to move out from my parents and live a normal life. And what are you doing? That’s right: forget her and go on to devour a big Mac.

Whatever you came up with, write it down. And write down on paper, phone, or tablet did not stay long, and the paper is more understood as something material. So take it and write it down, remember it home. When he got home, not salepay for games or movies. Do yourself a normal dinner, get the morning paper and filling your brain with a new portion of energy, read it. It seems idiotic? Don’t throw away. Just think about it, that’s so stupid. Maybe you just need to weigh all the good. For example, on a piece of paper says «shop for budgetista» (here could be anything, but a few). First you have to put on one page the way you see it. You have to answer the question: what is it, why do it and like the idea of you. If you clearly know the answers to these questions, feel free to pitch in.


You answered the question and now want to start implementing. But besides the questions you need to prepare a plan that will cover all extremes of your ideas. To correctly compile, you have to be prepared to study a lot of material on a given topic. You need to know about foodfetish more than is known by any average footfetishes. You need to get into the topic and understand your buyer. You also must understand all possible risks that may be in your way. It is also worth to record. You should prescribe a minimum start-up capital, and if this is your first job, and you are not confident in their abilities, with minimal start-up capital and should start. No credits and shit! You just want to realize its questionable, at first glance, the idea. She, again, can be any. For example, it may be a comic book or open the sports section, or even a trip to Crete with my friends. In General, anything. And how did you understand the basis of the foregoing, the first cause of failure is lack of preparation and ignorance of the subject.


The second reason may be the lack of understanding of the real costs in a particular case. For example, I thought that will be able to draw a good comic for a couple of weekends? Screw that! It takes a lot of time and a huge desire to spend. Therefore, any case that is not initially motivated by money, as in the case of ordinary salary, should you like, really like, and so that you after work or school to spend all their free time. If you really want to you what happened then a couple of hours is not limited. Stephen king living at one time in the old attic with her family and working in the hotel Laundry, in every free moment was occupied by work. There was no money, there was no time, the family was on his neck, he was young, and the stack of rejection letters was calculated in kilograms. But the guy still wrote because he loved it, he found the time.


The environment affects a person. Of course, many will tell you that if you can influence people to ruin the whole thing by his word, then you are weak, but we’re talking like this will not happen. The mental component of our consciousness is very picky, and some people really throw me for a loop. Here we are encouraged to do things, drew a comic book about footfetishes, there over your shoulder watching your friend and says: «why are you doing this, anyway no one will read it?» And the mood is gone. There is a quality in some people. You could even say that there are two kinds of friends: some of them will tell you: «And what the hell you’re wasting time, do nothing?», and other support: «Hmm, why not try, what do you lose?» Try to surround yourself with people of the second type, it will facilitate the execution of your ideas, and their support will be in many respects more valuable than any investment.


And one more thing about which we often write, but worth mentioning again. So you’re going to suffer terrible failures. Life no road is easy, so on your way there will be many mistakes, many more that will make you turn around. You suddenly realize that budgetisation not so much, and profitability with this store you don’t see, you suddenly throw up their hands and quit the case. But no, don’t do it! Any mistake, any fall look for ways of further development. Maybe we should expand? Maybe you should look again at the idea from the other side? Might be worth someone to connect to help?


If you want your business to be successful, it is not necessary from the start coming to him as to earnings. It is not necessary to estimate their future income, it is not necessary to do something just because it can bring you money. It’s a waste of time. When money is brought to the fore, the idea, consider, lost. She’s not going to bring you to ecstasy, you’ll never have to deal with it as if it were something more than a method of earning. We’re not telling you that the financial component should not be – all this is mostly done for the sake of a good life, but the income should not be an end in itself.

When you start something unique and unusual, be prepared for the fact that the original people is very negative about your idea, but if you’re going to do everything right and love your work then surely you have something to go out. Will you fail or will switch to something else, but always worth a try. You never know, maybe this is exactly what you need. So always write down your ideas.

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