Why some girls like it when you beat them

manygoodtips.com_19.10.2016_smkUbFpGolq9tIf a girl asks you to spank her, you did not hesitate to fulfill her wish. Take it as a whim, a desire to diversify sex or to please you, but a friend is acting solely from selfish reasons. No, it is not prone to masochism as you might think, but give her a small spanking sexual pleasure. We, as true connoisseurs of female sexuality, always wondered where it came from. It is clear that there is some kind of physical reaction that has no relation to the assault. Unlikely friends have experienced a high when they beat «the cause» in the distant past, so what has changed? What is the reason?

It would seem that the whole truth is hidden in the psychological aspect of sex. But it’s not just in psychology. The important role of large gluteal muscle that are associated with the entire reproductive system. These muscles are often used in cicatalog (intercourse) and uncoating (Masturbation) orgasm. Girls can both consciously and unconsciously to compress these muscles, which leads to a stronger effect, especially if the compression gain is rhythmic in nature. Spanking, under certain circumstances, very similar to the compression of the muscles. Fun identical.

Also important are involuntary contractions of the muscles that originate from the «fear» of a girl that wants to kick ass. This is a natural reaction — people are almost always straining muscles to prepare your body for violence. Sexual stimulation increases if you hit on the bare ass, and if the girl herself developed the ability to withstand strong spanking without any muscle tension.

Buttocks girlfriends are especially sensitive to sexual response, which is associated with the active blood flow in the area of spanking. The proximity of the buttocks to the vagina contributes to this reaction. Actually, in theory, this tactic can work for guys, but here in most cases includes psychological valve that does not relax. So back to our girls and pay attention to the anatomical feature anus, which is expressed in the erogenous zone located between the anus and the genitals. Many flip-flops that have the ass, also pass through the perineum, where the number of sensitive areas. Well, if you don’t slap the hand, and some kind of whip or paddle for ping-pong (don’t overdo it), you probably hurt labia.

An interesting physiological phenomenon — sexual underpinnings of the process can strengthen and however, to reduce the feel of the slaps. Physical discomfort rather not distract, but complements the sex. But when comes the turn of orgasm, then you need to stop slapping the friend. The continued attacks after an orgasm cause of the pain, which was not focused on sex. In conclusion, we offer you a few stories from our friends, who wished to remain anonymous, but love to tell about why they get turned on by spanking.

Alice, 18 years old

Like pain, but in the best sense of the word. To describe this reaction difficult. A good whack on the ass brings a sharp burst of heat that spreads throughout the body. This is very exciting for me.

Polina, 24 years

I love men’s hands and don’t like all the «toys» that are made to beat. Male hand is another. But even the hands are only good for ten blows. On the eleventh time I feel dulled. This does not mean that my ass is numb, but the feeling is not the same, so if we spank their girls ten times in a row, the eleventh hit should be stronger.Lisa, 24 years

I love it when we fool around in bed. A couple of slaps, a little petting, then some more slapping and pushing. If the strikes are every second, regularly and with the same strength, the sex begins to resemble a rape robot. Absolutely not interesting and boring.

Elena, 22 years

Will tell you how it was with me for the last time. I had a great mood all day because I was waiting for my husband returns home from work. I was a little drunk, mentally prepared for a flogging, focused on her. So I was already excited before he got home. Then I met him at the door, in my hand I was already holding a small plaque which we bought in order to cut her meat. I’m in a loose skirt and no panties. The whole process takes ten seconds, maybe fifteen. He kisses me, then I bend down and he lifts up her skirt. Then he gets 7-8 attacks. What’s next, I think, all is clear.Olga, 20 years

I see spanking as a game. And I don’t think everybody likes her. But in my case this works because I often feel dominant in a relationship and spanking is the ability to feel the dominance of her husband, to be subject to him, even during sex. A psychological element of the game, try to fill in the gaps.

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