Why six-year-old boy stole dad’s car?


So, dude, let the children and the flowers of life, but can be a decent pain in the ass. Like the little boy who lives in Michigan.

Later that evening this young Amateur extreme stole dad’s car and went to drive it on the road. Drivers seemed suspicious vehicle, which was moving as if it’s the driver stoned, very stoned and hates humanity. When they great effort were able to forcibly stop the car, they saw a little boy who barely came up to the helm. Police learned that minor never learned to drive, but it successfully managed to overcome the 5 kilometers of trails, hitting only once the bumper of a car. The boy’s parents were sleeping at home, suspecting nothing. The boy left the father.

Why do six-year-old stole his father’s car? you can ask. The fact that the day before a family vacation in a Chinese restaurant, and the boy was so pleased with the food and atmosphere there, that he decided to visit this place. And you think that nothing in America is not allowed to beat the children. It is unknown whether the boy’s parents some kind of punishment.

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