Why should you play in the group

Zanyuhany rehearsal spots from the carpet on the wall, an unreliable amp and drum set, Imperial plans and the Bank «Baltika» for warming up – it looks like a typical rehearsal youth typical rock band. Someone will say that these groups – as hay in the horse shit, but on the other hand, there is nothing wrong. On the contrary, if you have no experience, then you have lost a lot, especially if you love music. Why especially? Because it is not uncommon for one VIA only 1 person who knows how to play, and the rest approximately. Oh, all the romance, this is the essence of creativity. In the end, in U2, when they met for the first time, no one knew how to handle the tool. In many pan-groups of different levels and origin of the situation has not changed over the years. Remember Sid of Vishez, who at the time of the performances were off the bass. Of course, when you live and make music is one thing, but when you play for the soul, is another part of «marlezonskogo ballet.»

First of all it is incredibly fun. I know some people that have created VIA with the loud name «the Anal miners.» Like most groups, their rehearsal was as follows: half an hour going half an hour of thumps along the way, playing something that resembles «In the grass was a grasshopper,» and the rest of the time playing. The rehearsal was as an excuse, they are just outrageously fun. Nevertheless, they recorded the smash hit «My best friend is bisexual,» which immortalized their names in the neighborhood. Simple time with the benefit of the soul. By the way, a remarkable fact: the less you’re serious, the easier it is to write songs. Check for yourself. When we met to record your «Black album», how to «Metallica», went terribly dull, sometimes overly academic heresy, which made no sense. Through suffering, tortured melodies, meaningless lyrics. When my friend decided for the day of jokes and fun to write an album not a single random stuff, the result was beyond praise. In these hastily written songs had more relevance and meaning than on serious rehearsals. Our comrades even sang verses of «conductor», «hipster» and «log» from the «random» album. Hearing the two recorded for the week songs, they politely turned away, intimating that their place near the works of the group «Cockroaches», the sewers, next to master Splinter. So, the freer and happier you go to your team, the better memories and the product.

In addition, the group is a sure way to find a fellow spirit. No matter what you listen to or try to play: punk, funk, psycho-thrash-ambient or sing the exploits of heroes of the harp, there is always someone who likes the same. And if you become famous, you will probably become a strong teammates, because in fact, music is a thing far more intimate than sex.

Group «X .» So gathered. If not musical tastes and similar views on life expressed in creativity, they are close to each other did not fit.

The most important aspect is the pleasure, the feeling of belonging to something. Small world of marginal independence, where you make something yourself that reflects your own perception of the world. And no matter what happens as a result. IDA let it be verse, put on 3 chords, let it be songs that the mother cannot show. Music is the best way to Express emotions, their attitude and even protest. Classes creativity is indescribable space act, which gives the sea of pleasure and, importantly, self-respect. But you have the right to walk with a proudly raised head, if you managed to write a song. Maybe this is your calling?

Learn the primitive skills of playing a musical instrument, and you will be in demand, especially if you’re a drummer. When you take music a little more attention, you will be invited for performances in a pukey clubs, incomprehensible event. But, hell, how many charms! A fleeting impression of a rock star gives you such pleasure, not even to compare with the conquest of the heart of the girl of his dreams. Many dream about it, but you have touched – drunk after the show. And you and your mates as the three Musketeers: one for all and all for one!

Life is too short not to chip the drummer «iron». If you have the opportunity to buy cheap «EpiPen», be sure to get. Even though you may not write a masterpiece, but will remain a pleasant memory. Believe me, old age will be very nice to remember how you had fun and worked. Many live a life regretting that I never tried to become musicians, although I wanted to. And most interestingly, it always increases your reputation among the other inhabitants of the Earth. We even yard rock-star look with admiration as Kipelov.

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