Why she chose the fat men?

Work.com.ua_6.12.2013_k25wnMy93HXMzFat men usually like women far less than guys of normal build and thin (Oh, Woe is me) dudes. Nowadays, the lack of willingness to monitor themselves and their own figure is equivalent to indecent behaviour, so fat, alas, not a trend. However, I have one friend brough a big belly, which changes the girls a hundred times more than I do. Of course, it all depends on goals: I am satisfied with my stable family situation, but even my «single» days, he gave me a head start. I recently found out his secret. Now I think: maybe really worth to get better?


If the fat man draws the attention of a beautiful girl, what he should think in the first moment? Whether she bellied daddy or brother. If there is, you know that’s her Achilles heel and you is not a sin to use it. The fat man is the whole world, be nice and friendly, and it may happen that it will give you the green light. Electra complex, I know, no one has yet canceled, and who are we to go against nature?

Master of cunnilingus

Because fat people are less mobile and agile in bed, they need to have a secret weapon to keep the girl next to him. In a relationship there is always one who gives and one who takes. Be who gives her nothing more to wish for. Fat so many, and often chew, the muscles of the mouth have more than their skinny rivals. The fat man here will give odds to any pitching and any scallywag. It’s his ACE in the hole.

Culinary skills

Many believe that the best cooks — men. In General, all believe that skinny cooks can’t be trusted. Combine both statements and come to the logical conclusion that the best cook fat men. Women excuse. Men in good shape, make a move. The path not only to a man’s heart, but in General any human heart is through the stomach. The food is kind of a sacred ritual. Shared meals together-since ancient times people prefer to eat in a safe environment. What is the conclusion? When the fat man feeding woman, she feels secure. All fat people know how to cook, otherwise they wouldn’t be so thick.

The fat man does not condemn

Beautiful girls as they can remember, always dealt with handsome. Handsome never have a particular patience with the girls and always have a couple of spare airfields. Fat guys take women’s attention as a blessing and cherish them. Fat people are kind and accommodating. Be careful: if you’re gonna be super cute, it will automatically lead you to the friend zone.

Clothes fat so comfy

Girls like to sleep in comfortable clothes. This is probably possible somehow to explain from an evolutionary point of view. Maybe the fact that if girls did not go to sleep in a big t-shirt and pants hanging, and remained naked, we would have NEVER attempted to have sex with them, and they wouldn’t get enough sleep? The girl is very well appreciate your t-shirts and sweatshirts as a nightgown.

The fat one gives initiative

We have already talked about the fact that fatties are not very mobile in bed. If we look at things, then this is a definite minus, but we remember that every coin has two sides! Let her work and she will do as she likes. Girl on top — here it is, the best position for a fat man. You will save your precious energy to eat, while you sleep. Joke!

Fat by nature more fun

All men, of course, believe that man the main thing — buoy. But women, as practice shows, follows a slightly different point of view and appreciate a sense of humor. Life has taught fat to sweeten the pill — have you noticed that they all have, as a rule, very funny jokes? So if you’re fat, make jokes, make her laugh, but try not to become a clown and punctuate playful chatter of something else, or else… the friend zone!

Fatties try harder

Remember, we said that fat people are not judging? So, they generally put in more effort because more appreciate what they have: all it gets them is much more difficult. Fat boy is nice, he comes up with different interesting travelers and unusual gifts and can please a girl, even a simple candy, which prudently put it in his jacket pocket before leaving the house.

If you’re fat, dude, use these tips, I can vouch for their effectiveness! If not fat, and your ex dumped you for a fat man, now you know what it is. If your life is no one of these problems, you still remember our advice: you suddenly gain a few… dozen pounds.

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