Why sex with friends both the best and worst thing for you


Each bro are the girl he considers his friend. Or not there, I know a few dudes who think that «if she’s around and you didn’t Bang her, you’re not a man.»

One of my good friend was old from the time of the student’s friend. She was decidedly ugly, acted like a Tomboy, had a child from anybody, but it was nice to talk to and it was for that guy in the Board has their own. But once these two hooked up a few times, everything has become strange to change for the better. There is a tension between them that could not be described as friendly.

I’ve met people who called girls your best friends. And it wasn’t the friend zone. With friends easier. We can not try to impress, because there is already a sympathy, which some may accidentally be confused with attraction. But there is a significant problem: there is no sexuality. If your friend seems to you wildest sexual and attractive, then you are not friends. This is the friend zone, perversion and so on.

From my experience, when you’re in a friendly relationship with a person of the opposite sex, there is always a moment, when POPs up the topic of sex. Even in conversations. You may feel a slight discomfort during the discussion. The girl will feel it more acutely, although it may not apply. The intersection of sex and your relationship can occur unexpectedly. It’s a bit like driving, when you drive on the planned road, but suddenly find some town that I never noticed before. Sex friendship is drunk with the great sadness and loneliness. In any case, not by consent, as we would like. And sometimes you just get.

The first question you need to ask yourself. Do you want it? Or it’s because you’re a man and she a woman, can’t you find someone else, and you have the same connectors? Having sex with such motivation kind of like you open the fridge and see there is only Bank sauce for pasta pesto with mold, which left you nowhere. Without pasta, the pesto sauce does not look very like the taste. But you want to eat, why you eat it, and the alternatives you only have mustard with tea. You clean pesto from the mold and eat. That’s how it looks from the outside. And maybe you should drink a Cup of tea at night and go to sleep and in the morning to go to the store?


When you embark on this slippery path, you should be prepared for possible outcomes.

1. You decide that this is a one time thing. You sleep together, then continue to be friends as if nothing had happened

2. You know that kind of crap, which shifted the priorities, you are unlikely to be able to return to normal.

3. You understand that this sex was the most awkward, uncomfortable and quiet in your life, and you sincerely wonder why you started all this. You fucked with my best friend. Smacks of some people being gay.

4. Until you realize that this is the most amazing, most incredible experience that you had in your life. And why haven’t you done this before? And all because she’s your best friend!

5. One of you wants sex but the other does not. Not at all.

6. You Wake up, freak out, quickly gather your things and get dressed while she sleeps. Don’t drive away from her house, leaving the door open. Closer to lunch you write her a message like, «Uh…. What was it? >_<. We shouldn’t have done it.» 7. You understand that you have to do it as often as possible. You start Dating, fall in love and… All ends well, because you have a full understanding, beautiful children and a house with a dog. And yet you play in the evenings on Xbox. 8. You continue to do it, you begin to meet, but it all rolls down in sad shit, because your attempt to start a relationship — in fact, trying to save the friendship that died. But it’s just sex? Everybody’s doing it. People in the subway, your parents, that dude. Doing all of this. Sometimes people meet for sex, then not seeing one at all. You may receive emotional dependence, which will destroy everything. And may not appear. Just need to assess risks and understand: «is the game Worth the candle?» Can you then look at it the same way? If it doesn’t work? What if it works?

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