Why self-education is better than Institute

manygoodtips.com_19.07.2016_Sk6DnoXOB6EKdDon’t worry, today we won’t talk you out of getting a diploma. It just so happens that there is a whole list of specializations, to which access is closed, if you don’t have this diploma. Even if the necessary working knowledge. And we don’t blame it on the system — it is necessary to standardize human resources that she uses. However, if you don’t want to just decide on a specialty and get a crust? If you need, first and foremost, knowledge? Just think about the fact that the walls of Russian institutes (at least most of them) have long ceased to be walls, which lives in science. Now there’s rampant corruption, lack of interest in learning from students — in teaching, the teachers themselves. There was a time when higher education about a man talking a lot — each with a diploma was a real intellectual, and now? Isn’t it time for us to take his intellectual development into their own hands?

1. The tradition died

Educational system, which is common now around the world, roots, rests in the Middle ages. That is, there was some wise man (teacher) who has lived enough to know in the case of tanners, and he had an apprentice whom he taught. The relationship formed between teacher and student, which was based on the knowledge of the first, which could be absolutely not exhaustive. Anyway, but the teacher gave only a small Luggage own experience, which, moreover, could be wrong. You can argue and say that now everything is different — there are books, programs, and government regulation of these things, i.e., standardization of the educational process. But at the same time, the system is based on the same relationship between student and mentor, and from state intervention in this process it becomes even more questionable. Just look at the taboo of certain topics in the historical disciplines, to understand how far we are from the impartial analysis of our history. Some science has long permeated the ideology.

2. Access to the best lectures

manygoodtips.com_19.07.2016_Yb9czhusfNqZnWe take the example of the best universities of our country — there is really good to teach and come out excellent specialists. But the problem is that most of the studies are not in the best universities, and those who do easiest. There are good lecturers? If they are interested to tell your subject as if your future depends on it? Of course not and to blame them is silly — not the same salary, to have a teaching inspiration.

But why do you need sleepy teachers of the provincial Institute when you, with the Internet, access to the best lectures in the world? The network is full of records from authoritative teachers. Moreover, we mean not only the lecturers of Russian universities, but of Cambridge and Oxford (schools regularly post recordings of their lectures). Thus, if you have language skills, you have unlimited possibilities in terms of studying a particular subject from the world’s top experts — all free of charge.

3. What have you learned from school?

Do you remember school? Many knowledge or you use since then? As Stanhope said, «At school you learned fear, subjection, and that to argue with the authorities impossible.» In his statement, something painfully familiar, especially when you’re graduating into the adult world and realize that nothing about this world do not know, but there are so many dangers. I think the Institute better? Much of the time is generally not intended for training, but it is devoted to various moral attitudes, which is not required. Some teachers and not aiming at something to teach you — they just do their hours and go home, looking at the student crowd glassy stare of the dead. And, again, can understand, because you will be surrounded by assholes who all will show their lack of interest in learning. And if the whole course is broke, then you, with high probability, will become so.

4. Self-education — it’s free

manygoodtips.com_19.07.2016_lkpyTH3mWQMWdI do not think that we are against tuition fees. This system has its advantages, but in reality, it turned into some sort of disgusting mutant- monstrous parody of European and American traditions. Even if you go on a budget, then be prepared to pay, pay, pay. Especially the diploma. Even in satisfactory universities will laugh at your remark: «I’m going to write a diploma for myself.» And it’s not that you fool, just to the diploma to write already not accepted — you need to pay for it, and an entire course, as clearly may hint your supervisor. In General, each institution needs its own Jim Gordon, a COP from the TV series «Gotham» which could do such a good cleaning of the walls of the institution. But such a person will not.

But if you’re going to learn, then money will not have to pay. You will spend your time and effort that you have to do in domestic universities.

5. The ability to change the direction

I have a friend that goes every year on a new job, because I can’t choose a path in life. It was necessary to advise him to settle down and think very carefully about their position (fourth time comes), but he still didn’t listen to me. And he runs not for the diploma per se, but for knowledge. But it turns out that he is constantly wasting his parents money (to study at their expense, well, a bit). The situation is clearly not healthy, but it was possible to avoid studying by yourself, because self-education allows you to easily change the direction of learning. You do not constrain your scope of expertise and standards of our dearest Ministry of education — you are given to yourself, which means you can easily juggle objects. Yeah, maybe you don’t get the notorious «systematic education, but today we are not sure that it is all you need.

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