Why self-driving car could kill you

It seems that the days of popping toasters and vacuum cleaners with the dust bag has long passed into oblivion, for it is a miracle self-driving car, a drone on wheels. Planet in suspense, when all the roads expect cars described in 1958 by Nikolay Nosov in the cult anthem of the Communist utopia «dunno in the Sun city.» When I read about the futuristic research Sun city, dreamily thinking about how to live and experience it all. It seems, survived, but apparently, the inside will have more to come soon. Because now it’s more like the machine to look for problems than the car of the future. Imagine that will make «Lada», which announced the release of their miracle unmanned.

Now it looks like a suicide

Hold.kom.ua_5.10.2016_gSU6T8Such4HlBy the mid-21st century, when people don’t have time to talk on the phone and driving, self-driving cars will finally live up to its promise to be 90% safer cars, depend on our stupid human brains and curves of the hands. It is undoubtedly amazing that will save more than a quarter of a million lives every decade and hundreds of billions in costs the Ministry of health. So you can chat with friends, enjoy the new pictures from «vocana» and catching pokémon is still more likely to survive.

But in those times we still live, and yet to go by such cars no safer. For example, every 12th drone was involved in an accident in California in just the past six months. The study of all accidents involving Autonomous vehicles took place in the period between 2012 and 2015. And this is excluding the fact that people usually do not report minor dents, who get their iron horses.

And although their on the road — like decay on the Hollywood smiles, drones have already celebrated one accident with a fatal outcome. In may this year, the driver of the Tesla in Florida launched the autopilot and began to push the movie Harry Potter portable DVD player. Want zadarnowski to say: «Ready? Now it will be very funny.» His car decided to carry out a simple procedure to change lanes, but alas, was not able to detect the difference between empty space and a huge 18-Wheeler truck. Now George. K. Rowling can add another innocent person to the list of their victims. Even Peter Pettigrew killed less violent way.So there are questions in terms of security. Thus, in some accidents the fault of the drivers of conventional cars, but not all. In some cases, the cause of the accident was the drones, and in autopilot mode, not when they taxied the human tribe. And drivers of conventional vehicles were traveling in peace and could not understand that maneuver makes this strange machine. Maybe if there are only drones, they will be able to agree among themselves and no one to RAM, but those times have to live and how to rectify the most attractive statistics. No one wants to die, including «the half-blood Prince».

Compliance with the RULES of the road, which only hurts

There are people who boast that they never broke the rules, and is Autonomous vehicles, which are still in the process of build programmed so that absolutely always follow the law. One crumpled ruble in the Treasury of the Autonomous machines — now no one will pass a stop sign, distracted by switching from folders with songs by Soso Pavliashvili on the folder with the trills of Antohi MS.

But now, while they share the road with conventional cars driven would-be drivers, they are unable to respond to the ambiguity taken by driver solutions. Nobody observes the traffic rules all the time. The average number of drivers accelerating to catch to slip to red? Or exceeds the speed, shining thieves with numbers and ID?

In order to properly coexist with drones, the road needs to come into balance, otherwise surrounded by people who are able without much efforts to cause the crash, the UAV can itself become the cause. Typically, conventional car collides with a standalone for the reason that the person behind the wheel have come to expect human reactions from another driver, and he has to deal with the behavior of a computer.

That’s why some MPs are nervous about this new technology. After Uber launched four unmanned vehicle in Pittsburgh in September, Chicago Alderman tried to ban them in your city. He said he doesn’t want the streets of Chicago was used «in an experiment, which, of course, carries risk, especially for pedestrians».

With the wheel two times more dangerous

There are a lot of nuances that interfere with the quiet introduction of vehicles to the masses. For example, the steering wheel — the thing without which it is difficult to imagine a car, according to Google, it is not necessary in a driverless car, while ordinary motorists want to see it everywhere. Volvo studies have shown that at least 92% of us would like to see in your new Wondershare the wheel. Had producers go on about the consumers and give them the opportunity to take control in their hands. Come down to the fact that in the USA the appearance of the car without such a «wheel» is illegal.

Not for nothing but the manufacturers insisted on full autonomy, because the switching from autopilot to manual control is fraught with problems. It would seem that everything should be exactly the opposite: you go, I do not see that the machine works, take matters into your own hands and save the situation. But even in the aircraft the most risky and dangerous moment of the flight is transition from autopilot to manual control. While in the plane two pilots and a large distance to the earth, and the road is full of twits and surprises. So, this transition, at least in the same condition in which it is today, will be a real trip in the coffin for the inexperienced and inattentive passengers.

They may be confused by bad weather

Porada.kom.ua_5.10.2016_OsK1KOI5R9DpjOne day all Autonomous cars will be connected to a computer network that will allow them not only to know the location of all roads, but the location of other vehicles, as well as to recognize the danger. Data can be quickly updated and almost always be up to date. But while motorists are finally creeping into the self-governing coach, will take a very long time, so to navigate on the road, they will have to use lasers, cameras and GPS. Although relying on GPS is not always helpful, especially on a very long trip. Sometimes fucking soulless counselor gets into places where even the elk indecent to appear.

And now let’s take self-driving cars Google that so heavily rely on these cards. It is proved that in long trips, they’re wrong in 99% of cases. Such are the cards. However, proved it in 2014, and it is hoped that in two years something has changed in a positive way. And if not? Then the inhabitants of rural areas and other suburban spaces is much more profitable to disassemble this strange miracle to the details.The lasers and cameras mounted on the car to assess the space and decision-making, imperfect. As described above, in some cases they don’t even see the difference between empty space and a truck. And if the car will dazzle with bright sunlight? Then it is better to break out a window and jump out of it. By the way, in the snow of the Autonomous carriages have not yet experienced, and that automatically equates them to the trash in our country. «Then why am I still reading?» you can ask. Well, once you experience ever and our gates will be parked such technological monsters. And while most drivers have to carefully study the weather and abusive words on his lips about what kind of dog they bought this thing, call a taxi. Because confusing the weather room of purebred dogs.

Programmed to kill

Even in Utopia with a magic cars will be inevitable accidents. No technology is perfect, including safety technology of the car.

The whole secret got out during the crash test. Picture it: you’re going in a full car with family and relatives, and then before you pedestrian. What did the car? The machine found it necessary to rescue the unfortunate pedestrian, flattened in a fucking cheesecake all passengers with him. Any the driver-a man, of course, will do anything to save those who are in his car, and yourself in particular, not thinking at that moment about the consequences.The machine thinks otherwise. And here the question arises — who is to blame: the pedestrian, the driver or the manufacturer of the machine, created a beast, which is easier to RAM the window and injure more people than one pedestrian.

The target of terrorists and hackers

It turns out that all the benefits in the hands of angry monsters with the habits of an Ogre turn into disadvantages. It’s about terrorists that losses in personnel can stuff these are the cars with explosives, and then send them to the final destination. And the worst thing is that the car fucking stop, because the driver now won’t. So, wundercar it turns into technoutopian.

And imagine how you will behave in the car, if they capture the hackers? Yes, they are, because now, not only with your smartphone and computer risk-averse. It seems that hackers will thus be to require the owners of the ransom, and perhaps he will even be cheaper than calling a technician. But if some had seen movies about evil geniuses Prodigy decides to bring down thousands of machines in off-peak hours — can you imagine what will collapse in the city? There is no «war of the worlds» number will not stand.

Clearly, over the security system and brain centers, drones being the most reverent work, but that’s not all, there is still one problem outlined. It turns out that all the systems in the drones can be hacked using a laser pointer. It’s tempting to think about buying a Lada seventh model, where there is nothing but hope that it will not break.

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