Why sadness you kill its potential

Why sadness you kill its potential

manygoodtips.com_20.10.2016_n3hx5y2l8gdVmPerhaps for the first Christians was unbearable to hear the sobbing and self-flagellation peers devoured by lions before he died, so they quickly entered the disbelief in the list of deadly sins. Be sad — go to Hell. Fashionable theologian of VI-VII centuries John of the ladder said: «Discouragement is relaxation of the soul, weariness of mind, the neglect of monastic striving, hatred of the vow…»We rarely acknowledge, but the man was right. Sadness, poor quality, annoying that even the people who claim to Supreme justice. Unfortunately, people do not understand that depression is not only annoying others, he still eats internal forces that could help in career, relationships and personal growth. How does it happen? Write about it below.

«I am nothing»

Any depression starts with a very common thing called low self-confidence. The uncertainty in the forces, creates monsters who take the reins of your personality in your hands. They tell you what to do, how to talk and think about what UNIVERSITY to enroll and whom to work. They can choose for you. Total control over the individual, and all because you can’t say to yourself: «I am not a piece of shit.»

The philosophy of low self-esteem you push the people that surrounds you, infecting their decline all the loved ones. Clearly, if you think you’re worthless, then where will your gift? So you just poured your full potential in the sewers, justifying this action by the inferiority of the self. It will be difficult to get out of this state, but for my own sake stop feeling sorry for yourself. There is nothing more disgusting than a man who is not confident in their abilities.

«I have no money»

It is not the cause but a given, so nothing to complain about the lack of them — learn to earn. Today people trade all in a row — some people manage to sell that shit, that’s amazing, what kind of degenerate can come to the idea of buying it, but all can be bought and sold. Complaints about financial problems is the worst thing you can talk to your friends over a beer. Don’t trouble people with your money and not bother, because there is no sense in this. There is meaning in work, creating a business or third-party search earnings. There are numerous possibilities. Even in a country like Russia.

«I can’t do anything!»

manygoodtips.com_20.10.2016_r8YJL3EaXbeAhUsually after these words cowardly people throw their stuff and switch to something else, something where they are comfortable and sated. But in the comfort and satiation is impossible to create a great. It is impossible to achieve your potential when you are satisfied with the things that surrounded you your whole life. Need to try new things that will inevitably confront you with the problem of his clumsiness in some matters. You can’t suddenly want to sculpt sculptures and three days to issue a masterpiece of sculptural craftsmanship of a masterpiece, will have to learn.

But if you took something, then please put all this baby whining and bringing the matter to an end. Does not work? Try again! If you break himself, others certainly will suck you dry. Look around you! You can see how many predators around? Why become an enemy of himself?

The power of critics

Would you know how many people died in his pen under the head of constructive criticism, and even more hands went down after criticism of the unscrupulous cattle, with nothing to do Saturday night. Unfortunately, most people can’t find something good at spitting, which is so rich of public anger, but sensible people will always be able to sculpt out of dirty clay pieces something useful.

If you can’t handle criticism, then better not to pay attention to it, although it helps in any case. Criticism is not born from the void. If someone criticizes, then either you, or kicker. The best thing you can do is find the source of the problem.

If the problem is in you, it’s time to solve them, and hence their improvement. If the problem in criticism, it’s time to knock it out of the circle of thoughts that is important to you. But in both cases, you need to understand that outsiders do not have over you any authority, they should not be able to influence your decisions. That is, if you are told that you’re a terrible artist, don’t drop the brush and start to draw harder.

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