Why removed from all social networks is a great idea?

manygoodtips.com_30.11.2013_tGeAdtlWNdryX Time to get out of social networking, trust me! Don’t believe? My life changed when I left multiple social networks, and VC began to use exclusively for access to TV shows, and music. I had more time I started to spend on good books, movies, toys and some hobby. I began to stay longer in the gym and stopped to take a phone with you to workout. And you know… I’m not even broke, I just picked up the phone in the hall, nothing has changed, except showing a light halo around freedom. In December last year I quit Facebook, which communicated with people from other countries. Our communication was not productive, just «hi, how are you doing?» I realized this and removed the page. After analyzing the situation, I realized that life is getting better. So, why should you leave all social networks, leaving only the fakes for music and video?

1. Time

The network spun joke about the fact that if you get up in the morning out of bed and run to check your Twitter, then you can not be saved. In fact, we spend a LOT of time on something called «surfing on social networks». Not so bad if you have an account in any social network, but if a lot of them? You tweet, scroll through Instagram, watching the blogs of their friends, meet a guy Vkontakte. Smartphones have made these procedures quick, but they still spend time and spend it well! After I left the social networks, any conversation on Skype or ICQ (Yes, I have it) and the work becomes a torment to me, because it seems very long and is not the case. Be completely removed everywhere I can’t not allow. But what time I have released a lot and I learned how to dispose of them — fact.

2. Girls

Social networks just to meet a girl, but the time spent trying to talk to her, to pull her on a first date, and then another, cost significantly more than time which you can spend when you’re meeting girls in the usual places. Meet girls in cafes, bars, clubs and themed meetings much faster and more enjoyable.

3. Employers

Know employers actually scan the social media accounts of their applicants and employees. Seriously, some employers and colleagues will happily climb on your Vkontakte page, to see what you represent. If you keep track of how much time you spend in social networks and how often are tempted to read the news, instead of work, your bad deeds. Nobody wants to be dependent on the Internet employee, although They are not all the same!

4. Friends

Why you need a website for communicating with friends? We no longer remember what a joy it was to meet each other, because all the pressing problems are discussed with friends over the network. Often our dialogue is not meaningful because we share pictures and courtesies, without any any eye contact. Best to call via Skype, by God, though man can see it! Now long correspondence with friends made me very tired. I would be much nicer to chat with friends over a glass of good beer, but the problem is that my friends still prefer to talk on the network. I had almost forgotten how to communicate. Frustrating! I’m certainly not going to drive the need for personal communication, but video chat or Skype call has not been canceled. Never thought I’d have to say, though communicating through Skype heartier than communicating on Facebook or myspace.

5. The content

In social networks you can find an interesting group with a variety of useful information. Group, unfortunately, is quite perishable. They can start their existence from the excellent quality content about historical facts and other troubles, and then degenerate into a collection of interesting facts in the spirit of «do you know that Peter I did not drink tea with sugar…» I had signed on a couple of interesting groups that fasted good content that answered my specific interests, but this point is not about the content overall, it’s about the content my friends. My classmates take pictures of their large pregnant bellies and post photos of their children, pererastayut stupid salad recipes with maintcom. Familiar place unfunny jokes; someone who actively collects the huskies for the announcement of the cat that is looking for owners. And that’s all! People do not post photos to where they were stored, they post them only for the sake of their laykali, approved virtual currency. Girls post your photos to get the message: «Marinochka, you’re so beautiful!», guys post pictures of their cars to get comments like: «Great car!». People who have problems with self esteem, need for social approval is the only reason for this behavior and the exorbitant amount of crap in the news.

6. Meeting

I heard from one dude that Facebook page and Contact he planned his weekend. He was watching, where now are the concerts where the appartment, in what cafes are going to play in «Mafia» and so on. About the concerts can be found on the websites of the billboards in your city. If you have the necessary contacts, and phone numbers of friends and event organizers can easily find out what events are expected in the near future in your city. Although sometimes, I admit, social networking can be useful. For example, if you did not know where to go. But, I think, to find something. When I had a VK account, I’m at the meeting, special attention is not paid, still I do not attend!

7. News or updates

The worst thing about any social network feed updates, which can force you to spend hours examining all sorts of crap without meaning. Even if you will find useful information that you want to remember, after reading you will forget it with probability of 99 percent. The information is meaningless. Information is often unnecessary in our information age, 90 percent of all you get the information for you has no value. Trust us, dude! Do you really want all these funny pictures, funny pictures, beautiful quotes, taken out of context, political texts blogs? This is pointless information! For funny pictures there are sites, such as ours. Go networking — see our photo journals!

8. Low informative value of the message and the miserable layout

In social networks there is no possibility to place more or less beautifully designed article. Or article designed in such a way that they were a pleasure to read. Article Vkontakte relatively small size of the reads much slower than the article on the website. I am sure that you never read to the end of the great articles in any social network, because «a lot of bukaf». From social networking much more difficult to learn about what is happening in the world. When I last year was accounts in social networks, there was a major plane crash. Everyone was talking about it, and I neither sleep nor spirit, because it was not signed for a single group of news services. And have you signed?

9. Thoughts

The most annoying social media statuses and messages from those who want to get someone’s opinion. Even a simple status «I want to eat something tasty» — it’s an involuntary interest in the opinions of others. And because such statuses are constantly emerging! Someone writes about their fears; someone writes, as he loves your boyfriend or your cat; someone wondered whether him new clothes. All these people are insanely dependent on other people’s opinions and positive opinions expressed by strangers. Now, I am truly deeply hate these people who talk about their lives on social networks, to obtain a positive evaluation of their actions.

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