Why reading is an important key to success

These three men, with whom we will introduce you today, worked or continue to work in completely different areas, covering business, investment, technology, policy, public speaking, civil rights, and leadership. They had different goals and missions, but there was also a common point of contact – a love of reading books.

We just wrote about why it’s so important to feed your brain with quality reading, and periodically compiled for you a list of literature, from classical to specialized. Reading may not guarantee you success but it certainly increases the chances.

So, meet…

1. Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger


These two people we put into one paragraph, as to some extent they share the same ideology and go one way. This legendary duet is the largest titans in the financial world of investments, amassed huge fortunes by buying stocks. Warren Buffett, 71 years old. He is the Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway and the most famous portfolio Manager, who was nicknamed the «Oracle of Omaha». According to the rating of «Forbes» magazine, Buffett is in the top five of the richest people in America, behind only bill gates, Lawrence Ellison, and Paul Allen. His fortune is currently estimated at $67 billion And surely you’ve heard his famous quote: «If you’re so smart, then why am I so rich?»

Charlie Munger right hand of Warren, a friend and business partner. He’s one of the few who Buffett listens.

Evidence of their influence is the fact that thousands of people gather from different countries to spend only one day in their company at the annual conferences where they share experiences and summarize the work for the year. For six hours with one break for lunch, the two business legends answer questions from investors, journalists and analysts. So when Buffett or Munger handing out tips will not be superfluous to listen to.

«I constantly see people who are not the most intelligent or diligent, achieve success and heights. Their secret is that they learn and «swallow» new knowledge, like machines. Every night they fall asleep more wise people than what it was this morning.» Charlie Munger.He puts his business partner Warren, an example of such a machine.

«If you could stand over Buffett with a timer, you would see that half of the time spent on it to just sit on my ass and read books. And the other half personal negotiations with business partners and Trustees of the company.»When asked the question to Buffett about how to become smarter, he just said:

«Read 500 pages a day. Here’s how they work knowledge. Everyone can do it. But few will do it.»

2. Mark Cuban


Mark Cuban – businessman and owner of basketball team «the Dallas Mavericks» the National basketball Association, owner of Landmark Theatres, and CEO, HDNet and HDTV cable network, founder and President of the company Broadcast.com leading provider of downloadable information. The status of this one-man band is estimated at 2.3 billion dollars. It seems that mark Cuban has achieved success in every field to which ever had a relationship: business, entertainment, technology, investments, sports, books. Speaking of the latter. In his Handbook entitled «How to win in sport and business,» he described his experience and handing out free advice to readers.

«I read all the books and magazines, which he could reach. Hell, three dollars for a magazine! Twenty bucks for a book! The money is quickly recouped when you find a idea, solution or inspiration. Well, if not… read itself carries valuable lessons. Too much interesting information, it is impossible to stop.» «Most people will not spend the time to gain an advantage, the source of which is the books. Of course, there are people who work hard, not missing and nuggets of information that any good and wise books. Poor and read many times more than us, rich and read.»

3. Malcolm X


Perhaps the most inspiring example of the importance of reading is the life story of Malcolm X, which is known as the defender of the rights of the black population of the United States, a sharp critic of European Americans who, in his opinion, the crimes against African Americans. Opponents of Malcolm accused him promote racism and violence. This man was named one of the most influential African Americans in history. He left school after the 8th grade, but did pretty well, after one of the white teachers said that the work of a lawyer, which Malcolm then dreamed, is «an unrealistic goal for a nigger». From school X got into the world of drug trafficking, robberies and pimping. When he was arrested, he was 20 years old. While in prison, he joined the African American nationalist and religious organization «Nation of Islam», and his cellmate taught him the joys of reading. He writes in his autobiography:

«As soon as I had a free moment, I read. If not in the prison library, so in their bunks. And most likely you would never have gotten me a wedge of good books. In fact, until then, I have never been so free as in these moments.» «My homemade education with each new book gave me the understanding that deafness, blindness, dumbness, which suppressed the black nation in America. People ask me: «What’s your Alma mater?» The answer is always books.»

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