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manygoodtips.com_11.08.2015_3iNzqlhnXSH49And here the summer is nearly over and you sit, drink your tea and talk about how fleeting time and how you’re «useful» to spend it. In General, a complete depression for some, and for others a disappointment that almost all gone.

What could be better at this time than reading a haiku? Poetry, traditional and customary in Japan, our hearing is very exotic. We already wrote about why you should actually read poetry, and now tell you why you need a collection of Japanese haiku.

But first, a little technical background: the original Japanese haiku consists of 17 syllables, combined into one column. In turn, the column is divided into basic, important words – kiredzi. Well, the text itself is divided in the ratio 12:5, respectively, the separation is on the 5th or the 12th part. Since we are still Europe, and not Asia, we are used to cut lines, that is a haiku we write as treastise, despite the fact that the Japanese write haiku in one line.

Initially, the work of such poetry is nothing more than a hobby of ordinary people. But then came a man by the name Matsuo Basho, which you’ve probably heard – here it is just one of those who brought the genre to a whole new level. Now haiku is really a very specific and fascinating poetry, free from Rome, but still has some structure. Although the bass often departed from the traditional rules, which again suggests that the technical aspect is not so important for poetry.

I’ll skip the history of haiku and the development of the genre. Let’s still focus on what is interesting these poems, and that they can give you.

1. Short

Here once stood a castle…

Let me first talk about it

Beating the old well spring.

The bassAs mentioned above, a haiku consists of 17 syllables. Many poets of the past, as well as warriors-samurai wrote haiku while on his deathbed, others described my whole life just one line – can you imagine! Now people are too wordy. When was the last time you listened to the senseless chatter of his girlfriend or even friend, stretched on many tens of minutes? Surely it would be worse if important information would be given in one line? It would save our time but also added beauty of the language. The brevity of haiku teaches us to highlight the essence. A similar ability to apply to many areas of life, and if you don’t know is like eating an orange without first clearing it from the skin.

2. Easy

Autumn gloom

Broke and drives away

The conversation of friends.

The bassIn haiku you will not find overly evaluative words. There won’t be all this fuss, which he loved to throw on the text of our authors to impress the reader with the beauty of the style. All the words that you meet in a haiku – the words the ordinary person is difficult to provide redundancy or pretentiousness. The poets of Japan believed that apostello is bad taste. The main thing – to convey the essence of the moment. Sometimes it is necessary to simplify the problem. Perhaps, then, you get its gist, and if you’re lucky, if not able to overcome, considering the senselessness of it.

3. Appreciate the moment

Red flower water

Stroke of the sickle cut

Between the oncoming waves.

Izenspeaking of the essence of the moment. You will not find a haiku, which tells you about the future or the past. These verses are out of time, out of a particular space. A brief moment of the present is what interests the Japanese poet. You have the same memory, there are those moments in life that are remembered better than others, you felt something incredible. And there could not be no people, or some important event. You might remember this passage every minute. Now, haiku is the same passages from the life of the people, they are very biographical. Let connection with the real life poet and difficult to trace.

4. Behold


Circling in the air butterfly

A miser sits alone.

IssaLife, admit it, makes you a punching bag. The everyday difficulties of life leave a mark on your psyche and personal well-being. You suddenly start to catch myself thinking that the brain is busy with some obscure, unimportant nonsense sort of thinking about paying bills, Parking tickets, working, break, exit for lunch or walks with the dog friend. Of course, it is very good that you live and are not discouraged, but sometimes necessary to get away from it all. Become an observer in relation to life, and not vain of her party. When you read a haiku, you, of course, read about this world, with all its fuss and problems, but also about what remains eternal, nature of things rarely changes in our desire, and the person is alone in this Universe and not the eternal.

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