Why pros will never be without work

manygoodtips.com_5.09.2016_C5XexPWvPDGNmHumanists do not like people whose career is inextricably linked with the IT industry. Lately they (the pros) gets the glory and honor, money and women, when we, the people with no technical education, gets a cap with a big yellow letter «M». Of course, we are exaggerating, but if you look at the happy life of programmers and opportunities available to them, our exaggeration makes sense. IT is the past, present and future. And the future seem to be increasing exponentially. If you dedicate your life to programming, a priori, be necessary under any scenario.

Russia and programming

Gold medal in programming suggests that there are places in the Russian education system, where people are well-taught.

said the man, with whom we always argue on the topic of the importance of the Humanities –I Personally like to loop through the bones of the Russian education system. And still think it is disgusting, because I saw her inside and see her terrible symptoms this day. But my anonymous interlocutor, who has dedicated his life to the IT sector, to agree with me, can not. He studied in a different reality — where the «mediocrities thrown out into the cold». And this training took place in Russia. In fact, I often find evidence that the only surviving higher education lives in IT. Honestly, if you watch international competitions of programmers, you will see that among the finalists regularly come our guys. Then go to the Chinese and Japanese. In fact, among all European countries it is Russia that supplies the brain this area. In other words, if you have not yet decided on a University, then you need to know the simple truth — IT specializations are trained better than the national average. If it was a lie, no students of SPSU who win Championships on programming, you’d never hear.

Besides, you’ve probably heard about the city Innopolis. Evil tongues say that everything is extinguished, but, fortunately, my friend works there of your grant and knows the inner kitchen, and she banal to the obscene — the people doing real science and reaching necessarily. That is, the state actively supports all these high-tech things. We suspect that the truth is that the backlog in the IT sector means the gap in all. And the government knows it.

IT rules the world


Check list of the richest companies in the world. Think there are people who dig in the oil wells or the diamonds? I do not guess. There is located the head of major corporations who in the past were ordinary engineers and programmers. They started from scratch and reached heights, which the Humanities can only dream of. Remember Facebook, PayPal, Microsoft, the entire Silicon valley. They broke into the business old world and pounded it to powder, because the IT industry is a monster who controls information and a new world order. Every programmer involved. And the better the skills of the programmer — the more of this power he gets. And most importantly, the government techies believe. Look at Elon musk, the company which do not show better financial results in the market, but the government supports its projects because they are high tech and look to the future, not clinging to the steam machines and stone axes that are «familiar and comfortable».

IT is difficult, but just

Training in the field of IT at first glance seems to be something painfully impenetrable, like the swamps of St. Petersburg, but saves a large number of quality courses that are taught by wonderful teachers. You can find cheap, you can find expensive, you can find outrageously expensive. Not all will be useful, because the web courses today, a huge number, but we certainly have something to offer you. We decided to select a few that you had them in mind.

Ruby and Ruby on Rails

manygoodtips.com_5.09.2016_pVIsBqYTTeLbYLet’s start with the language, which was written by Kickstarter, Aviasales, Soundcloud and. This programming language is called Ruby, and the framework (or software platform), which allows to create such sites is Ruby on Rails. It provides a quite high demands on the developers. After all, they have to know not only the language and framework Ruby on Rails. Programmers who have embarked on the road to Ruby, you must possess related skills, like test driven development (TDD) understanding of best approaches and practices that are required to perform the actual work. To master this language you will need about two years of continuous training, but it’s worth it — RoR-developers one of the most popular and highly paid, both in the CIS and abroad. At the same time, experienced developers was not enough, the demand exceeds the supply, which opens the way to intelligent newcomers.

In this regard, the school Thinknetica is one of the oldest in the Russian-speaking community of the Internet. They not only teach the basics of Ruby and Ruby in Rails, but also teach you professional techniques, the latest approaches to daily development, which will be needed for successful employment.Every student is assigned a separate mentor who individually checks all tasks of the ward (thus, each job-versed in that order). All mentors are professional developers, whose knowledge is based on years of practice.


Work.com.ua_5.09.2016_DsUOqdrdQGQ5MThe Android platform is a snowball rolling from the mountain height to infinity. Snow globe every year becomes more and more, helping more and more people try their luck in the vast android app development. Today Android is most popular operating system for smartphones in the world, it is the maximum number of users is a bottomless market, which by its very existence proves the relevance of a developer understands the system. The market is big, but not oversaturated — always in search of new talents. So if you have a decent knowledge, it can get in a large company where you will provide a decent salary. But much nicer to work solo and get rich with theory and practice, which is better to start learning today.

The training we offer to work in a place called Skill Branch. People who post in this public lecture took a full course on Android. All the lecturers are professionals who work in large companies, and follow all new trends in Android development.They understand that the rules of the game development on Android are constantly changing. There are new features, new architectural approaches and mainstream in development. More than 1 billion users use Android platform, and this means that you, as the programmer, need to be on the wave, not under it — learn, learn and pereuchivatsya.

Python 3

manygoodtips.com_5.09.2016_n5RcIxZ4nmMIMPython 3 is the common programming language of General purpose that was intended in this world to improve performance, develop and code reading. Different minimalist core syntax with a large amount of useful functions of the standard library. In fact, it could you know to us when he suddenly decided to connect his life with programming. But we forgot to mention about the main advantage of this language — it is better to start. Why? It is easy to learn and use, and so it is taught compulsory in the world’s leading universities. It is also programmed in the largest IT companies.

One of the most clear, simple and useful courses we found on the website Shultais.education. The course works simply — on the website there are numerous training videos, access to which is quite democratic — 699 rubles a month, also have a free period. You watch the lessons, pass the job, then communicate on the local forum and get your points that can be applied to the summary. Videos are updated regularly because of outdated things on this educational website are not taught. There are three courses that are designed for beginners and more advanced professionals. Shultais.education is a great way to start learning, because there are free days. But of course, we recommend you to complete a full course of study.To start training can anyone: experienced programmer can improve your skills; computer programmer techie can finally learn how to do everything systematically and efficiently; and a newcomer can easily learn the basics of programming. But remember, this is training, not magic. You will have to exert a lot of effort to become a true professional. Learning is half the battle, but these need to go half decent, otherwise what’s the point?

The diversity of the industry

The programmer class is very variable. It can work in a regional firm, watching its information security and helping the newbie to turn on the computer. But that same programmer can write games on Android, iOS, or work, for example, in the film industry. The same person may engage in the solution of another problem of modern civilization by inventing some kind of app that will simplify or, on the contrary, will complicate a life. Remember the program that we all enjoy today, like Shazam. There is another variety of programmers, which can be compared with the nutty professors of the old horror movies — in their virtual laboratories, they cherish the dream of creating the virtual intelligence, or transfer of human mind into the virtual space.

In other words, the person who decided to perceive the world with the help of virtual computers, on all maps. He can find a stable job and hardworking, can start his own startup that «makes millions», and can be a man of science. In what other sphere of human activity, there is a similar choice?


The question of money interest of each and accurate information for each discipline to give, for understandable reasons, is very problematic. However, we have used sources that provided us with professional programmers from all over the country, in order to outline the monetary ceiling heights. We’re talking about salary good people, not hacks that are poorly studied. Take into account remote work and work in the walls of the office.


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