Why online games suck?!

Dude, I recognize myself as a gamer. Beard, however, often jokes that I am a geek, but he meant no harm. I love computer games and games in General, I remember Ultima, I played the old type of quests Leisure Suit Larry, Full Throttle and Grim Fandango. I saw a very old game, I’m well versed in the industry, I watch the news and sincerely worried about causality and the simplification of games and where is the game industry as a whole. And I think that game is the art, which are on par with cinema and literature, because the game is to literature and cinema, together with the opportunity for feedback. Wanker call me hard: I go to the gym, eat right, lead a healthy lifestyle and even married. In General, we forget that nerd is the type of character and not the person who likes games, comics, and more. Nerd — people with very low social activity, which replaces the dealing with people, personal victories and any aspirations of playing games. Such people face off in virtual achievements, levels, and get achievements, most of which means nothing. Online games promote zadrotstvo, they tie to a user. tightly, forcing him to pay a lot of money for the dubious monotonous entertainment. Not all online games are the same and meaningless, such as the old Fallout and Ultima online, and WOW, can please the user with a variety of gallium, but it’s still a drop in the ocean. Why I don’t like online games and why regular singles, swing, and big books — much better hobby for the guy?

1. The monotony of the gameplay

With few exceptions online games too monotonous. You kill mobs, get leveled, they occasionally get the armor, you take it, compare the numbers with her and make the decision to take or not to take. Sometimes that’s what you do in the company of other players. To come up with a strategy to kill another RAID boss is fun, but fun is first… 50 times, then it was one long monotony. Any WOW introduced to the gameplay, diverse mini-games, various promotions and other crap. There really is fun to observe life, to do quests, but it is a rare example of a game that then all the same bothers. And you know why? Because the whole interest starts somewhere from 50 level, and in some cases from the 60th. I don’t want to wait so much to have fun, I want fun right now!


2. The lack of bright artistic value

The same World of Warcraft are great videos, good story and characters, but all this is inherited from the strategy. Singleplayer games are keeping plot, characters and different gameplay, in addition, they have an important feature: they are finite. No matter how long the game was not, she always has an end, and even a few different endings. You will show the fate of the characters, cities, and the final movie. In a good game there are many quality dialogues, interesting twists, vivid characters, and they really don’t get bored to play because you’re often doing the same: steal, kill, talk, bargain, negotiate with other characters, stealing someone dynamite, run away from the explosion and do much more. In a good game you will find the plot, the ability to play the role of a good guy or an evil maniac, and there are also great characters, dialogue, world history, art books and everything that has artistic value. Before you will never be a need to choose the lesser of two evils. That is why for me the online game equivalent of Tetris or Angry Birds, think.

3. It is expensive

I have a friend Misha. Last year some second-rate online game he spent 30 thousand rubles. If he had spent that money on WOW, or Lineage, I would have understood, but he bought the character 60 level-no gear for 25 Grand and bought him armor for 5 pieces of rubles. For me this is a real blow: why spend so much money on the game? The singles are good that you once bought the game on Steam or store bought, can be installed on it, but don’t spend each month on subscription and all sorts of pribludy. It is worth noting that all online games can be divided into two groups: without donation (costs real money for virtual currency and gear) can all win in the second group without donation you can stay only with great difficulty. The latter group are almost all online games on tablets and phones and a number of well-known projects on a major platform. Extort money from you, they are very original, in fact, that you yourself spend a few extra rubles on the virtual Shoe, to somehow hold on against other players. You start to play, everything seems to be going well, but then you resorted to some stupid schoolboy, which causes you to a duel. And this student you wins, despite the fact that he played bad, he’s smaller than you, and anyway, he fucking schoolboy! The only logical explanation: he is donating. You go to a virtual store and realize a very unpleasant fact: to buy a cool armor or armor, you will have a very long time to kill monsters or do quests. But exactly the same thing in the store for real money is a real Russian 100 rubles. So the system wins you.

Honest games with a subscription there is always a temptation to pay some virtual currency dealer a couple Lyamov gold computer mnt, although it desperately to ban and delete accounts. Ideally. So the system once again breaks you. You think you spend on your hobby some measly pennies, but here there is the same trend as cigarettes. 60 roubles a day — a penny but if you multiply them by the number of days in a year, obtained a considerable sum. It you really want?

4. A lot of time goes nowhere

Among my friends is the real veteran of the online and single games. He was many times invited to closed beta tests of known projects, even a few times asked to write a report on mistakes for real money, respected man in their midst. If he has not so thoroughly sat on online games, would be even better because I would have seen it much more often.

Because of work I can see it only on Fridays. But what he had on Friday? On Friday he’s fucking RAID. Just at seven o’clock, when I get to it. Once the RAID had not been, we sat drinking beer in the company as he suddenly someone called. Called the Guild master, who, incidentally, lives in Astrakhan. What did our hero? Stood up, told those present that he needed an hour to a meeting of the Guild, and went to play in another room. We, however, set to watch «the Big Lebowski». And what I have understood, dudes: no one but me outraged, all present, except for some girls not in the subject, I think it is important. But I now think that to neglect friends for the sake of those whom you have never seen somehow… wrong?

This is the same man because of his hobby can play up to three hours a night, then sleep four hours, get up, get dressed and go to work, where it will be in the world of dreams. By the way, he has a girlfriend. Do you know why they together? Because they became hooked on Warcraft and they while away the evening with raids. In addition to WOW, he plays three or four games, among which there really is World of Tanks, rage, and something else about space and spaceships. This dude constantly agitates me, and mutual friends to play, sending new offers «until the New year customer for 200 rubles!» Why is he doing this? Because online games — the same online marketing: if he brings his friends in the game, he will get a month of free games. Here such pies with virtual kittens.

Another friend of mine Mary had a extremely original. Two weeks (!), for two weeks, dude, she spent at the computer, rarely leaving room to eat and walk the dog. Masha played Lineage. Those who were lucky enough to see her in this period, noted that Mary has terrible red eyes, creepy brown bruises under them and strange ruffled look. Perhaps Mary reacted to the breakup, and, perhaps, she just loved this game. It seems like now she’s done.

5. Experiment Skinner


There is an experiment called a «Skinner Box». It consists in the fact that rats put in a cage with a lever. When she accidentally pressed a paw on the lever of the special compartment had a piece of food. The rat understood the essence and frequently put pressure on the lever. The experimenters decided to improve the experiment and made it so that the food fell out from the compartment, not always. The rat began to press the lever with a vengeance in the hope of getting food. When the box launched the dove, he added to the push of a lever and still turning heads, because once the food fell out as the dove turned her head and pulled the lever. This action and the blue, and the rats never bothered. Actually, in this experiment, and built the majority of online games. I once read an interview with one designer, quite famous, who had a psychology degree, he also spoke about the «Skinner Box».

Common good games like Baldur’s Gate, Mass Effect, Fallout, Witcher, dragon age keep of the player story and want to know what happens next. Players hold the world, the characters, the desire to know the history of the world, read the optional dialogues, feel the atmosphere. In online games players keeps the principle of Skinner, who before the era of the development of the online games were successfully applied in excellent in principle, the game Diablo. How this principle works? The player is constantly doing the same action (killing monsters). This action always entails a natural reward in the face of the new level stuff that falls from the mobs, and new abilities. The player knows that the reward is always, you just try. In such a life of joy, alas, no. You can try all you want, but will reward, for sure you never know. In the world of virtual entertainment award will be accurate. If you do not get good clothes, will get money, achievements, levels, and assorted buns. And achievements also boasts can, like, see, I have done all the quests in Azeroth! Yes, you’re a cool guy!

By the way, the author likes Warcraft, Azeroth and drenec.

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