Why not shy at work

manygoodtips.com_12.01.2015_qwzRpMnIqONcIYou were taught from childhood that arrogant bouncers and selfish no one likes. And, being raised by a man in the workplace you sit in quieter water below the grass, laboring like an ant, several times exceeding the permissible labour. Our society has come to believe that humility, confidence and hard work – this is a great recipe for career and personal achievements, with the result that people who exercise long and hard trip to the land of success, on arrival face a modest spectacle, which does not correspond to the expectations after many years of hard work.

There is a big difference between being arrogant towards others and to know themselves, unafraid to voice her surroundings. No one and nothing will bring you on a silver platter, because you’re the coy and cute years, so you have to work hard elbows, gnaw and fight for his place under the sun, reminding me of themselves and their rights, but high quality and highly performing duties. The price, as they say, to match the quality. Culturally, we crossed the idea of the presence of arrogance with many connotations such as pride, vanity or selfishness. But each of us in greater or lesser degree has this trait. This feature allows you to feel in some degree indispensable. And this will agree, an incredibly pleasant sensation. If you know your job and do it well so what the hell do you merge with the crowd in the hope that your hard but quiet work will be appreciated?

Your arrogance is a kind of value that you show to society. But, dude, the main thing is not to go to extremes. You can perk up, not for the reason that mom and grandma talking about your oneness, and for example, if you created a computer that successfully passed the «Turing test». Today we will talk about why you don’t have to chronicity at work like a young lady in her first outing, and why is it necessary to become arrogant, to raise their self-esteem.

1. Modesty has different meanings of perception

I agree that each person has his own understanding of modesty, which is largely due to the level of education. For one person to be humble is to be silent in a rag, getting unjust scolding, and the other to break in a dispute the opponent’s hand, not two legs. You need to define your personal boundaries of what is permissible, because, in fact, modesty is a virtue, but only in the modern aggressive market business such timidity and shyness have no place. Will chew you up, spit out, and still have needs.

2. Modesty does not feel the taste of success

Each victory is joy, happiness. Many successful managers to work with staff use the power of positive affirmations for motivation. When you are praised for a job well done, you feel a surge of strength, the release of hormones of joy and the ability to further curtail any innocent mountain. And really, raising a record your weight in the gym or running five-year plan in five minutes, you will deprive yourself of pleasure to celebrate and bathe in the glory? And what if, in fact, tear ass, if you plan to deprive yourself of the lion’s share of fun? Don’t let false modesty to spoil the moment of your victory, because it was such an event you’ll remember in old age.

3. No one will know what you’re worth

Indulging his humility, we often sit back and expect that our actions will speak for us. We assume that if you stay focused and work hard, we don’t have anything to fuss – our efforts will be seen and appreciated. This old way of thinking will minimize your chances for such an outcome. If you’re too modest, your boss may never know how much good you bring to the organization. Don’t be afraid to speak out, to create opportunities for action.

4. You don’t know what you got

Don’t let modesty, to plunge you into the abyss of the average contentment of your comfort zone. Don’t be afraid to truly Express my skills and qualities that make you unique.

5. People love modest for various reasons

If you recognize the fan to expose the cheek for blows, be prepared for the slaps and the fact that you will use more often than a public toilet. The worst you’re aware of injustice but to speak a word against you will not give the most notorious upbringing and modesty. The accumulated resentments will develop into depression, stress and chronic constipation. It is necessary to you?

6. No one is born with humility

We were taught that it was necessary to fit into modern society, conventions and rules and be normal. However, if you aim to achieve success in life, you’ll need not just to be normal. You’ll plow for 18 hours, and you need to value your time, your strength, your work and yourself.

7. You do not recognize the leader

Every leader has had to take tough and unpopular decisions, taking full responsibility for the consequences of those decisions. If you’re too modest, that the thought to decide the fate of others causes retching, and the bosses can screw up even the best startup.

8. Modesty affects the ability to earn

Negotiation is a skill set where there is no place for humility. It can be as business meetings, so banal job interview. If you take it for granted, it is very unlikely that you will get what you deserve.

We don’t want to downplay the importance of modesty, because depending on context it can also be a very powerful tool. Think of it as the Chinese philosophy of Yin-Yang: add modesty to his arrogance, but modesty Razavi arrogance. And in any situation don’t forget to put your «two cents».

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