Why no one laughed at your joke?

Why no one laughed at your joke?


Sense of humor is a wonderful feeling, it distinguishes us from animals and makes us the best. But what to do when you told a really funny joke and no one laughed? Is only awkward silence, and you subconsciously feel that somewhere died pussy.

So what’s the deal? We will tell you about 4 obvious reasons this trouble and how obvious of them to get out.

1. All this joke already heard


The most obvious reason. A joke you heard earlier, is unlikely to be funny. But there’s always a way, for example, to make a joke differently. Or hone craftsmanship jokes, add details and include charisma. One of my friends can many times repeat the same joke, and old and with a beard, but every time, he will do it in new ways, somewhat different. So, thanks to the craftsmanship of his jokes will be different each time. But still avoid accordions!

2. They do not have sufficient information to make the joke before they realized


Let’s say that you told really original joke, which probably just came up with. In short, original content, and still no response: everyone looked at you, hung an awkward silence. And what was your joke? In the subject whether people, with whom are you kidding? Here is to understand what about something to joke about. If you’re seriously going to try in the environment Manager to poison jokes from the life of programmers, there is a big chance that nobody will understand. Obviously. The same can be said about the joke of a hobby. Here is a classic joke about tabletop role-playing game, which is understandable and very funny to anyone who in the subject.

Is tabletop role-playing game, adventure through the ADnD rules. In the story, players will stomp around the mountains.

Master Dwarf, you tripped and fell into a crevice among the rocks. Now we go down, soon the bottom. Your actions?

Gnome: Uhm… Well, quickly waving hands.

Master: So? Throw well.

Throws. Twenty

Master: Throw again…

Throws. Twenty.

Master: Yes. Give me the bone.

Throws myself. Again twenty.

Master (with a sigh): fucked up party watches from crevices in full combat gear, quickly waving his hands slowly raised dwarf…

This joke will understand people in the subject, but for other people it will be complete nonsense.

What to do in this situation? Know what your audience is. Some jokes can somehow adapt to the situation, but not all. The joke above to adapt does not.

3. It’s not something they laugh


There are sick of the topic, very many people have them. Some joke can remind something from the past, you can advance on them a kind of sore spot, which is actually uncomfortable to come. And some can be shift on the basis of morality (for example, dirty jokes or swearing). Americans painful topic is September 11, some people do not tolerate rudeness and Mat, black humor, and some do not tolerate religious jokes. For this reason many do not like shows like family Guy or South Park, because they are good, agreed?

How to be? In the same way as in the previous case: understand what your audience is, and whether you can joke about «sensitive topics».

4. The views of the audience has changed


This is perhaps the most serious reason of your jokes no one laughs. Yesterday of your jokes laughed at, but today not so much. You know that people change, rather, change their views, in their life there are different events. So jokes that were funny yesterday, not so funny for them today. That’s such bullshit.

Try to notice changes in the views of those who are you kidding jokes. If you know for a long time, it will be easy. But in General… easier to score sometimes changes can not be seen. But be careful in any case.

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