Why moped defective

Stop.com.ua_3.07.2015_UypernQFYYIb5Scooter, scooter – call it what you want, we call it nedomolkina that prevent normal people live. However, it was not always and not everywhere.

Early mopeds were very useful, for example, some of them were used by the British paratroopers during the Second world war. Such means of transportation was difficult and was going for 15 seconds and speeds up to 50 km/h, which is very good for the time.

It is also very advantageous to have a scooter for teenagers, whose school is far enough away, so in the Japanese province cope with a transport load: the students just get to your place of study on this form of transport.

Some liked to do something homemade, and they sawed out of the ordinary Bicycle some sort of moped, well, before almost every man has spent most of the time in the garage, and he liked to go into it. Besides, there are a number of countries, where large, noisy and dirty cities, the main means of transportation is the scooter. The reason for this is the low price, ease of use, and the ability to quickly bypass traffic jams, which there are many. And with such road rules, or rather, their absence, as in India, for example, it is better not to risk expensive machine.

But we are all different. If you decided to take a NAP in the afternoon, and even at night, and suddenly hear in the sleeping area you hear the sloshing sound of neumotor, be sure that the street got a bunch of guys who decided potepleet bikers. Moreover, they hinder the people to rest, so also put their lives in danger – danger of becoming an asshole.

In General, if you’re going with your «boys» to drive a scooter, and even call his rabble biker, or any biker club, have to disappoint you: you look pathetic. The only thing you can save you from this – selling this junk and buying a bike. So, the damn bike will be a hundred times steeper than what you were called to this bike.

Mopeds unacceptable for adult men, this could be normal for older people who have driven themselves to obesity and can not move independently. All. Others don’t need it, and shkolota too, in fact, not necessary, let appreciate Hiking.

Crispies? So they are morons. Hrustic – the name of the sound that you hear when you shake a mopedist, the moped crunchy, bone. Hard to tell.

Daniel, the driver, Let’s look at the typical owners of this miracle of car industry:

1. Retired

manygoodtips.com_3.07.2015_A2b36W2w9aJfuSo, feet are not the same. And the speed faster than 20 km/h seems to them the speed of light. In addition, many do not trust the management rights of a normal car, and rightly so. It seems to us that the pensioners see «skittles» in almost every pedestrian on the road. So let go on that, it would be safer.

2. Weightlifters

manygoodtips.com_3.07.2015_yNtsR7uZiS6muPeople who are too launched myself But we what? Let them do what they want. Move around on mopeds just as slow as without it, but stand up is not necessary and can at the same time eating burgers with soda. A very handy thing indeed. Maybe closer to old age, too, will people act on the nerves that way. In any case, these characters not annoying, not particularly noisy and stuff, so they can understand, or is it not?

3. «Asanagi» district

manygoodtips.com_3.07.2015_voCPMgLnRVK4sThe clearest subspecies of the holders of a moped, and therefore the most annoying. Combo of moped, spermotoksikoz and listen to the clear rap artists guarantees you a happy life. If you are a representative of this state, then you are certainly a «cool» look. Anyone who looks out of the Windows, looking at your «awesome stunts» and can’t understand how you do it, and when you send, it is not out of malice – just people like you. But because do not forget that all was loud, especially at night, it will be appreciated by all. Perhaps you and your kind will cause the legalization of firearms in our country. In any case, you’re done.

4. Girls on mopeds

manygoodtips.com_3.07.2015_4zxZwC0syvamWWell, not had the text consist of some goats! So we decided to add those for whom it is a pleasure to watch. Girls on mopeds are pretty nice and aesthetic. Along with the ability to drive (Oh, someone will be accused of sexism!) the choice of a moped is very good, especially for tourist towns with a lot of sun, heat and little machines that can do you up good.

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