Why men and women look at the world very differently

Old world as the justification for all gender — men and women are just different.

The expression has long become a cliché, hackneyed to face rocky Balboa in the first part of the immortal movie. But if the expression, and it stuck, so it’s not that simple, so it does have a ring of truth.

Question about the difference in the two articles he twitched his sleeve Flaubert, John gray, and even Ministers of science. In the end, after a number of numerous studies, it became clear that men and women do see things differently this world. And in the truest sense of the word. For example, human faces they see the person differently. But it should be noted that visual perception plays a huge role in human interaction. So we often can’t understand how our friends may seem pretty disgusting-nasty mug another Hollywood darling. And all because they perceive the person differently than we do.

Men and women are literally different look at the world

The researchers used the device to monitor optical movements in the 500 participants in that moment, when they looked at the pictured face on the screen. Volunteers were asked to rate how comfortable they were for the duration of the visual contact with the person on the screen. At the end of the session, the scientists gathered using a questionnaire of personal information about the study.

The aim was to find out how everyone reacts to eye contact, and it turns out that women spend much more time focusing on the faces of other people than men.

So, women are more looked at the left side of his face. In this case they took more time studying the face than men. According to the researchers, the watching party could even guess his gender with almost 80% accuracy.

«Gender differences in the brain should be taken very carefully, as it is difficult to understand that they are innate or are formed by society,» said the study’s lead author Antoine Cutro. However, some differences were established in the process of visual processing of the face of the interlocutor. For example, women concentrate more on the lips than men. But, as mentioned by Antoine, it is impossible to understand the origin of this affliction: it is congenital or acquired. In any case, next time you lie to your girlfriend, try to do without ernichane, since they manage to identify that beats any cal Lightman.

«Heartless brutes» male and compassionate women

If we look differently at the face, it is not surprising that the world we perceive, too, does not look like. Figured it out by scientists from James Madison University, when he tried to give a scientific rationale for the problems in communication between the two sexes.

According to experts, the female psyche is typical of the so-called related response. In simple terms, they are more sensitive to the needs of others. They can accurately determine those in need of support because in their minds activated a mechanism responsible for the sympathy and assistance.

The problem is that they expect to see traces of this mechanism in male behavior, but we have such nonsense to be engaged once. To support someone, then himself would survive. For this reason, women are constantly offended by men looking for sympathy, and find a fucking dog and bristly stiffness.

We are not born with a gene that asshole, just typical of the male psyche perception research and instrumental. In other words, for men is characteristic rather of identifying problems and finding their solutions than compassion and attentiveness to the emotions. We don’t waste time on nonsense, we’re trying to fix problems, while women deal with emotions.

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